aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket

For countless generations, mothers have swaddled and cared for their children with natural muslin. aden + anais continues this tradition with our classic muslin swaddle blanket. The breathable fabric helps reduce the risk of overheating, while the signature prints complement your unique style.

I originally bought a cheaper version of these muslin swaddle blanket thinking that I could save some money by not investing the full price. I did save around ten dollars but you definitely get what you pay for. The cheaper ones were scratchy fabric and way smaller making it much more difficult to swaddle effectively. After struggling with these for a little while I finally decided to invest in the pricier ones and, again, you get what you pay for. These ones are big enough that you can swaddle and still have enough slack that you can make it stay even when you move the baby or the baby moves around in his sleep.

They are also significantly softer. I can swaddle the baby in nothing but a diaper and it doesn’t scratch her skin or irritate it in any way. I don’t know if it’s just my opinion but I think these blankets get softer with every wash but they aren’t overly thick and fluffy so you don’t have to worry about the baby overheating. Then there is the added bonus of how cute they are. I like that they aren’t just plain or solid colored and have cute designs instead.

Unlike some other swaddling blankets on the market today, this muslin swaddle blanket has no velcro or clips on it to secure it. This means that you have to have some knowledge on how to swaddle. I didn’t know how to do it before I purchased these but I just looked up a how-to video on YouTube and mastered it in under thirty minutes. If you can’t seem to figure out how to swaddle no matter how much you try these may not be the ones for you.

I have tried both the expensive ones and the cheaper ones and believe me when I say that buying the more expensive ones will actually save you money in the long run. If you’re anything like me you will end up hating the cheap ones and investing anyways so it’s more logical to just do it right off the bat. I love this muslin swaddle blanket and I will use then for as many children as I have. My one year old still takes his to bed with him in the summer. This is one of my biggest recommendation to new parents.

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  1. I am absolutely in love with these blankets!! They are light weight, soft, and great to use as a nursing cover. I’ve seen other brands of these blankets, but they just don’t quite compare to how wonderful these aden +anais brand is. The prints are also super fun and cute!

  2. These blankets were/are a life saver! My son runs on the warm side and sweats profusely VERY easily. We brought home blankets from the hospital, as well as bought several other brands of blankets, and he sweat so much he’d get terribly upset and just be miserable. We were given these blankets as a late baby gift, and thank goodness we did! They are super light weight, while being perfectly warm enough to swaddle even my son!! BREATHABLE, and after a wash, WITH softener they are super soft and comfortable. The material conforms to his little body so well, they stretch and move with him, without being tight. The size of them allow you to use these in so many different ways. We’ve used them at the park to lay on, used them as a breathable way to cover his stroller/carseat from the sun and wind, tummy time blanket, burpcloth. We enjoy these blankets so much, I can’t wait to try more aden + anais products!

  3. I got these as a gift and absolutely loved them! Not only can i swaddle my son with it, i can also use it as a car seat cover and a nursing cover which is great! I bought a nursing cover which always moved around and slips so i wasnt comfortable nursing when people are over but with this wrap i can comfortably nurse and enjoy time with my friends over!

  4. These blankets have been great. My little guy flails his arms constantly- it’s almost like he’s trying to fly away! If I put him down without being swaddled he wakes up instantly. When I swaddle him with these blankets he stays nice and cozy, arms in place. I especially like the thin breathable fabric, it’s great for having a spring/summer newborn. I definitely recommend it to anyone!

  5. The Aden + Anais blankets are probably my favorite baby item. So much so that I think I have enough to last a life time! I have one in every room on every baby swing, bouncer, bassinet, etc… These blankets are thin enough not to overheat my baby in the summer, yet warm enough to withstand some cooler weather. They’re soft yet durable, and only get better with every wash. However my favorite aspect is how versatile these blankets are; they can be used for just about anything! My Aden + Anais blankets have been swaddles (and the best ones I’ve used), nursing covers, car seat covers, blankets, burp clothes, tummy time mats, and photo shoot props (the designs on them are beautiful). I love Aden + Anais blankets so much that they’re my go-to shower gift! Two thumbs WAY up!

  6. Can we say multiple uses? I love these blankets for my little one. We have used them for swaddling during warmer weather. They are lightweight but definitely do the trick to keep her legs tight (we don’t swaddle her arms) and snuggly. We have also used them in her swing, stroller, and when holding her to keep her warm and comfortable. These are super soft and are large enough to swaddle. We received another brand of similar muslin swaddle blankets from a family member and, while they may work for laying over our daughter in some cases, they are significantly smaller and made of a much harder fabric. Recently, our little one has started holding on to the corners of her blankets and I think her muslin blankets will become her favorites for this purpose. They are lightweight but do the trick! So far we only have one pack of the Aden and Anais muslin blankets, but I will definitely be purchasing more!

  7. This company makes the best muslin swaddling blankets! They get softer with each wash and are the perfect size for wrapping up your precious little one. We have tried many others and there is no comparison.