AmazonBasics Cotton Washcloths

AmazonBasics cotton washcloths offer the perfect combination of softness and strength – ideal for anything from gentle face cleansing to general house cleaning. With this 24-pack, you can divide the pack up, placing some in the bathroom linen closet, some in the nursery, and some in the kitchen drawer or under the sink, plus a couple in your gym bag.

I bought these as general cleaning cloths and I expected them to be thin and not very durable, as cloths bought in bulk usually are. When I took them out of the pack they were quite large and did feel kind of thin but I decided to give them a shot anyways. I put them through the wash, and when I pulled them out of the dryer I found that they had shrunk a little bit and were significantly thicker than before.

I have used these for everything from cleaning bathrooms to washing my own face. They are soft enough that I have even used them to give my baby a bath when all of his washcloths were in the laundry and they didn’t irritate his skin. If they get stained, I throw them in the wash with a little bit of bleach and they come out looking white and brand new. The price is the biggest selling point. For only thirteen dollars these cloths are a steal and you get so many of them in a pack that it is well worth the money.

You do get some linting just like with any other cloth, but I don’t think that there was more than usual. The cloth also clings onto hair because it is fibrous cotton, but again I have seen that with every other cloth I’ve owned. If you do not wash and dry before use, they will be very thin and not do the job as well.

These are going to be my go-to washcloths from now on. They are great quality, extremely affordable, and they do the job well. A pack comes with twenty-four washcloths so I like to separate them into different rooms of the house so that the pack goes a little farther. I would also buy these as a housewarming gift because I think these would be a great start for anyone trying to start out on their own. But even for people who are well established, this product is a smart buy and on the top of my list of recommended washcloths.

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