Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath, Lavender & Vanilla

Baby calming comfort bath contains lavender and vanilla – natural ingredients with calming and relaxing properties. Combined with natural oatmeal, known for its skin-soothing benefits, this rich lathering cleanser helps retain moisture and gently soothes baby’s delicate skin, leaving skin feeling clean, soft and healthy. This tear-free formula cleans without drying because it is soap-free. It’s even gentle enough for babies with sensitive skin.

I wasn’t sure if this baby calming comfort bath actually even worked or if it was a more gimmicky product. What made me decide to purchase it was actually the scent. It smells like vanilla and lavender but it is not so strongly scented that it’s overpowering. I use this on my son every night before bed and he is asleep faster than he ever has been in the past. I think that it’s mostly because of the lavender which has a very calming effect.

He loves playing in the bubbles that this makes and you only need to use a little bit of wash to get a lot of bubbles and they last a really long time. After his bath his skin is always really smooth and not at all irritated. I had problems with other baby washes giving him either a nasty rash or very dry skin regardless of whether or not I applied lotion afterwards. One bottle lasts me around a month of nightly use because you don’t have to use a lot.

I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about this baby calming comfort bath. It is rare for me to find a baby wash that doesn’t irritate his sensitive skin or have a strong chemical scent. This one doesn’t have either of these problems and it works perfectly for my family. The fact that a little goes such a long way means that it is saving me money in the long run which I am happy about.

I have recommended this to every parent I know and they have all been as pleased with it as I have been. It is definitely one of the better quality washes on the market right now and I have even used this on myself. This is the only bath wash I will use on my son and I will continue to use it on future children. I highly recommend this baby calming comfort bath.

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  1. I love this body wash for my daughter. It has a very light smell of lavender but not strong like some other soaps. I originally started using Aveeno on my daughter because I use the adult products for myself. The products keep her skin so baby soft. And it really is tear free.

  2. I absolutely love all Aveeno Baby products! My daughter has eczema, so her skin is sensitive and this brand works wonders for us. Her skin is soft, the lotion and soap both smell great. On those restless nights, a warm bath with the Calming Comfort Bath soap and lotion had her back to sleep in minutes. I plan to use this product again with our son.

  3. We have used this every night at bath time since my baby was two weeks old. It’s a part of his night time routine that we could not live without! Whenever he is starting his nighttime fuss we draw a warm bath, put him in, and gently wash him with this soap letting him smell the soothing scent. He instantly calms down and we are ready for bedtime.

  4. I absolutely love this baby wash. I use it with all my kids and it’s the only soap that doesn’t make them get a rash or me have a migraine. I will continue to use it.

  5. The very first time I bought this baby wash I knew I was going to love it the second I opened it. From the loving lavender smell, to the good job it does at cleaning. I will always continue to buy this wash. This product is definitely on my love list!