Britax 2016 B-Agile 3/B-Safe 35 Travel System

Combining unmatched protection with top maneuverability, the B-Agile 3/B-Safe 35 travel system is the smart choice for you and your child, letting you be independent and enjoy life with your baby. Britax is the only car seat brand that features world-class SafeCell Impact Protection. This integrated system of safety components provides unmatched protection for your baby. These features include a steel frame for strength and a base that compresses to absorb energy during a collision, so you can feel your child is secure in the stroller or your vehicle. Britax specializes in top safety and smart design – the new 2016 stroller is lightweight and features quick one-hand folding and easy maneuverability. The car seat features a deep shell that takes up less space in your vehicle and minimizes side-to-side movement to maximize protection. These 2 products are made for each other with Britax’s Click & Go System. Transitions to and from the stroller to your car are quick and secure – no additional adapters necessary. Your infant doesn’t need to wake up and you can complete the transition with one arm, in one swift movement.

After extensive research on the best travel systems, I finally decided on this one. I bought this travel system and I fell absolutely in love with it. I live in a very sunny area and the large canopy on the car seat covers not only my son’s face but most of his body. The storage basket underneath is a great size for a medium sized bag or a couple of small bags. It probably won’t work for a diaper bag but those can clip on to the stroller handle with clips easily. The stroller is also extremely easy to disassemble and reassemble and it is easy to maneuver because it is so lightweight.

The car seat straps are super easy to adjust which is a big plus. With other car seats I have tried the straps tend to be quite a hassle to readjust. This travel system has a single strap adjustment feature that makes it so easy. This seat also clips into the stroller or base really smoothly and quietly, which really comes in handy when you have a sleeping baby you would like to stay asleep for a little bit longer.

The car seat is on the heavier side, which may be a slight inconvenience to some. I have no problem with this as I see it as more of a safety feature than an inconvenience. The seat itself is also quite slender. My son has always been on the slimmer side so this works well for me but if your child is not they might grow out of this car seat sooner or it may be a bit of a squeeze. The stroller does not have a foot rest, meaning that the child may have a bit more trouble climbing in and out and won’t have a place to rest their feet while riding but there is attachments that you can get to remedy this.

Overall, I think the smooth ride and ease-of-use of this stroller and the safety features of the car seat outweigh the few problems that may come along with this travel system. I still use this travel system with my son and I plan on using it with my future children as it has held up remarkably well to all of the use it gets on a daily basis. I would put this high on my list of recommendations for new parents.

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  1. Love this stroller!!! I feel that my baby is secured in the car seat and the stroller is modern and sleek. One of the reasons I bought it and as a mother it is easy to use when I’m out and about with my son and my husband isn’t around with us. Since I am on shorter height the stroller suits me perfectly compared to the other brands I have tried.

  2. I really like how easy it is to use and how secure my baby is when were in the car. I find the car seat a bit heavy especially when you use it for the first time and your newborn is a 10 pound baby. You justhavent gotten use to the weight yet and you add another 10 pound or so. Have to say that the extra pading is probably the reason why it is heavier and i wouldnot change that for anything. Can’t have an easier to use stroller. By the push of a button it folds into a something that can be easily stored.

  3. The stroller was very easy to put together and the quality is top notch! Glad Britax switched to a center release for both the stroller and seat . The front wheels can be locked so they are always pointed straight. This supposedly helps when you are maneuvering through sand & light snow. The wheels were locked when we took the stroller out of the box. We unlocked the swivel movements by pressing up on the tab and the stroller was very easy to turn and very smooth.