California Baby Calendula Cream

Protect the apple of your eye. Let this skin-friendly California baby calendula cream protect your little one’s soft skin from cuts, scrapes, diaper rashes, cradle cap, eczema and other skin sensitivities. Calendula soothes inflammation and heals skin. This lightweight cream is thoroughly absorbed and hydrating, leaving behind skin that’s soft and smooth. Free of common allergens, the cream suits adults with sensitive skin as well.

I had used this California baby calendula cream on my daughter when she was a baby and I absolutely loved it. It was my holy grail mommy product because it really took care of her dry, cracked skin and her diaper rashes. When I got pregnant with my son I bought it right away because I was positive I would need it with this baby too. I put it on my son’s diaper area one night to try and get rid of a nasty rash and a few minutes later he started screaming. I discovered that the cream had left what looked like little blisters all over his bottom.

I assumed that he had a sensitivity to the cream and that it wasn’t the cream itself since I had used it previously. Then my daughter had a dry, itchy patch of skin and I applied some cream to try and soothe the itching and moisturize the skin. A little while later she was complaining that it was burning her and she ended up with a blistery patch where I put the cream.

I am very upset and I have since called the company. Other people who use this product have complained about this as well so I am sure that it is not just my children. I have been informed that they changed the formulation and it has caused a bad reaction. I sincerely hope that they fix it before any more kids get hurt.

It is unfortunate that they reformulated because it really was a good product to begin with. If they go back to the old formula I might try it out again but I am disappointed that such a good product has been ruined. In my opinion there should have been more testing involved before this was put on the market. Unless they go back to the old formula I recommend staying away from this product.

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