Calm With 4Moms Mamaroo Bouncer

It moves like you do. The 4moms mamaRoo infant seat bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their baby. Select from five unique motions, like car ride and tree swing, and five different speeds. Choose from four built-in sounds or connect it to any MP3 player. The seat reclines to multiple positions to allow baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play. The mamaRoo is now Bluetooth enabled so you can control the motion, sound, speed and volume from your compatible smart device.

This bouncer really works

After reading that the Mamaroo was supposed to make the baby feel like they were rocking in their mother’s arms I decided to give it a shot. My colicky newborn would not sleep anywhere but in my arms and the swing that we had for him would not work. Let me tell you, 4Moms made an amazing product because the moment I set my son in this bouncer she passes out. I don’t know how I lived without this bouncer for as long as I did. Not only does it give me a few baby-free moments to go to the washroom or make myself something to eat, it also does not take up a lot of floor space like my previous swing did. I also love that it is not brightly colored or flashy and really fits in with my living room decor.

The Mamaroo has so many fun features

Even when my son is not sleeping in this bouncer he will stay calm. This is probably partly due to the calming motion of the bouncer but also the fact that that he absolutely loves the hanging toys. I assume it is because of the contrast of them against the rest of the seat but whatever it is it works. It is very easy to clean and all that you have to do is pull the cover off and throw it in the wash. This is great if the baby throws up or his diaper leaks so that I can get the bouncer up and running as soon as possible.

My baby grew out of this bouncer fast

One thing that I wish was different is how quickly my son grew out of this bouncer. When he started trying to sit forward the motor would make a clicking sound as if it were catching on something and I had to stop using it. That being said I would use this again. By the time he was trying to sit up he was well past the colicky phase and slept well in his crib which means that he did not really need this as nice as it would have been to continue to use. Another thing I would change given the chance is the price point. This is a very expensive baby item. However, it helped in such a big way that in my opinion it is worth the price.

An great product from 4Moms

I absolutely love this bouncer and it has quickly become a staple for my registry. I will be using this for my next child because it really does make the difference between a good day and a bad day especially if your newborn has colic. I am so happy that I found this and that there is even a product like this on the market to make a new mom’s day even just a little easier. I highly recommend this product and, trust me, the quality is well worth the price you pay.

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  1. I absolutely love the mama roo. My son has had some great sleeps in it since he’s been born. I like the fact you have different movements you can select so it’s not just a simple swinging motion like most swings. I also love the fact that it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space like the typical swings do. This is great for if you have limit space. Also you can adjust the seat so it’s laying down more or to have the baby laying on an incline, this is really nice for a baby that has reflux.
    The mama roo also has sounds you can play or you can have it set up with your phone so you can play any music you’d like for your baby to help them sleep.
    This is also very easy to set up and is easy to clean!
    Only downside is the price point, it’s a expensive item but over all it’s great quality and worth the money.

  2. We absolutely love the bounceroo! My 3 month old son is definitely a cuddle me and that’s wonderful, until you need to get something done (like make dinner or help his older sister with homework)! This thing is a life saver. We can switch motions, and it mimics his two favorite things, mommy rocking him and car rides! Because of its ability to change seating positions it is not an issue for him now that he’s starting to pull himself up. He’s chunky for his age at 15 lbs but still fits this seat perfectly. I wish this product were around when I had my oldest two!!

  3. When my husband got excited about the mammaroo at the store I thought he was out of his mind. “Why did we need such a high tech seat?” I’m really glad he insisted on putting it on our registry. The seat has been a lifesaver during our dinner time. It keeps her entertained and soothed, especially now that she is starting to recognize patterns. She loves staring up at the mini mobile and smiles and cops at it.

    I love that we can control it with our phones, but wish that the music option allowed for us to pump music from our phones instead of having to plug the music player in.

    Also when we kept her swaddled we couldn’t put her in because of the straps so unless she is wearing full footsie sleepers she isn’t really sleeping in it.

  4. Amazing life saving product when you have an infant with reflux problems, keeps the in a more upright position after eating and less likely to have reflux after eating, i recommend this for anyone with a baby that is fussy after eating or spits up frequently

  5. My child and I are overall not impressed with the Mamaroo!
    Pros – Compared to the other two swings we have purchased, the Mamaroo is very light weight so it is easy to move from room to room!
    The Mamaroo has five different swing setting so baby will not get bored with one motion!
    Cons – For as expensive as it is, the mobile should automatically move. My child is very visual so she gets very bored with the mobile being in a set position.
    The swing motions do not move as much as for example the fisher price swing n cradles. Therefore my child does not like staying in the Mamaroo long or fall asleep in it like she does in the others.

  6. Fantastic product it works great really comfortable and you can switch Motion recommend to people great quality worth the price.