Carry In Style With Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag

A modern classic as striking as it is well-appointed; the Boxy Backpack features clever organizational pockets, a built-in changing station and multiple carrying options. This top-selling diaper bag is available in our plush Chenille fabric, in addition to other PPB textiles.

A stylish and functional diaper bag!

One thing that I refused to give up when I had my daughter was a stylish bag! I am a big fan of pretty purses. Some days I will wear sweatpants, my hair up in a bun, and no makeup but I will still be carrying my beautiful purse because that’s what makes me feel beautiful! That being said, I quickly found out that a purse is just not a reasonable thing to try and carry everything you need for a newborn in! I immediately got online and started looking for a purse-like diaper bag that I would like to carry on a regular basis but that would still work for the mommy of a newborn baby! I was really drawn to Petunia Pickle Bottom’s diaper bags from the get-go because they all were the best of both stylish and useful features. I finally settled on this one because of the adorable purple print as well as the multiple carry options. I just figured that it would make it easier to go hands-free. I love this bag and I am so glad that I decided to splurge and get a more pricey diaper bag!

The Boxy Backpack has awesome features

My favorite ways to carry this diaper bag are as a backpack, as a crossbody bag, and the normal way you would wear a diaper bag which is just as a shoulder bag. I love how easy it is to switch the straps around because all it is is unclipping and re-clipping the clasps. This diaper bag has a built in changing pad that folds out from the back of the diaper bag and I find that it makes diaper changes in public restrooms so much easier. When you have a changing pad separate from the diaper bag you have to either keep wearing the diaper bag or put it on the ground which makes it difficult to get things out of. This way you just put the baby on the changing pad and reach up to get anything you need. There is also a super convenient little pocket inside the folded up changing pad that you can put diapers or wipes in for an even easier diaper change! This diaper bag also has a surprising amount of storage and a lot of pockets which is really great for a person that needs organization in her life!

A really adorable bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom!

I really could go on and on about this diaper bag but I should probably stop rambling. I am sure you get the jist of how much I love this bag! To me, price isn’t that much of an issue and I don’t mind dropping this amount of money on a designer diaper bag. However, if you don’t mind carrying around something a little less flashy or if you are just not able to spend a lot on a diaper bag, this is not a necessity. It all comes down to whatever you want and need in a diaper bag! I would without a doubt repurchase this if I needed to but I have no reason to think that it will not be perfect shape for the next baby too. I highly recommend this bag as well as any bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom to any of those mommy’s (or daddy’s) out there that want a cuter diaper bag!

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