CHARIS KID Baby Teething Bibs With Snaps Closure

There are three layers of protection with waterproof inner layer between two soft, thick absorbent outer 100% Terry cotton layers. It is so SOFT and QUIET, Yet WATERPROOF! Three Snap Buttons perfectly position to fits the neck size of newborn babies to toddlers. It comes in a colorful 10 Pack Set for both boys and girls The bibs are also a generous size and a unique shape for maximum coverage. These bibs are made with Non-toxic material and this product is as easy to care for as it is to use.

Perfect for teething babies

I had a really hard time finding a bib that worked for my daughter. She was teething which meant that she was constantly drooling all over herself and her clothing would constantly be soaking wet. I tried so many different bibs before this one and each one we had an issue with. We finally tried these and they have made life so much easier. There is no more baby fussing because she soaked her onesie with these because they soak all of the moisture up and lock it in tight. They are also a really comfortable fit even though she has a large head, neck, and chin.

Cute and effective bibs

One thing that I really appreciate about these bibs is that they have a snap closure instead of a velcro closure. We had tried a different brand of bibs that had a velcro closure and unless I was extra careful to fasten it so that every bit was covered the velcro would scratch her sensitive skin. I think that it is great that they have more than one snap so that you can adjust it for the width of your baby’s neck. I am also impressed my the softness of these bibs. I tried other waterproof bibs that were so stiff that they seemed uncomfortable on her neck. These ones are nice and soft and sit very nicely on her.

CHARIS KID has its flaws too

One thing that isn’t ideal when it comes to these bibs is the way that they need to be washed. It is recommended by the manufacturer to wash in cold water to avoid the colors bleeding and then hang to dry to avoid the waterproof layer melting. This can become a bit of a hassle especially when your child goes through multiple bibs a day but the way I see it I would have to be washing his onesies otherwise so it kind of evens out. Still I wish that there was some way to simplify the cleaning process. If you do accidentally put them in the dryer they will shrink and that can be frustrating because they are not cheap bibs.

These teething bibs are a great investment

Even though washing them can be a pain, these bibs really are worth the price you pay for them. They stand up remarkably well to drooling, food , or milk and I have not had any problems with leaking. I love the fact that I can put a cute outfit on my baby and have it stay clean until the day is over. I have bought quite a few of these to compensate for how long the washing process takes and I am totally happy with every purchase. These are also my go-to gift for any baby showers I attend and everyone seems to love them as much as I do. I really, highly recommend these bibs for teething babies especially if you want to cut down on the laundry you’re washing. They actually work and make a difference.

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