Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

ciao! baby portable high chair, folding, portable, go-anywhere, lightweight, flexible, no assembly required, comes with carrying bag, unfold, lock and ready to use, weighs around 8 pounds. Its for children up to 3 years old, great for camping, outdoor, parks, travel, grandmas and picnics.

As avid campers, my husband and I always had trouble finding a portable highchair that we could take with us. We tried a Bumbo at first but we realized that it was too bulky and took up a lot of space. We found this baby portable high chair and ordered it immediately. It came with a carrying bag and folds up to become very compact. It unfolds very easily and locks in place without too much of a struggle or hassle. I have started taking this everywhere including to my son’s grandparents, restaurants, and anytime we are outside.

The chair and the tray are very easy to clean. I just wipe them with a damp rag and any dirt or food comes right off. It has a mesh cup holder that fits pretty much any standard sized sippy cup and it is deep enough that the cup doesn’t fall out or get knocked out easily.

Unfortunately, the tray dips in the middle a little bit which can cause food to slide around or fall off. I used a small piece of sanded wood to steady the middle and it seems to have fixed the problem and it fits in the carrying bag. This works well but I do with that a metal bar or something of that nature came with the chair. Also, because of how lightweight the chair is it can be hard to get the child out of it and usually requires two people. One to hold the chair and one to pull the baby out.

Overall, if you live a fast-paced lifestyle this will be a great product for you as it can become so compact and can go virtually anywhere with you. It is good quality and a fair price for the product you get. It is very convenient and I would definitely recommend this baby portable high chair as a backup highchair or camping seat for a baby.

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