Clean Smarter With Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush

This Bottle Brush has been designed for use with all standard and wide neck Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles. It features a combination sponge and bristle brush head for thorough, easy cleaning of all Dr. Brown’s baby bottles. It has fixed chevron channels at the base of the Bottle Brush, which are designed specifically to clean nipples with ease.

A necessity for bottle feeding parents!

Before I had my daughter I did not think that I would ever buy this! I kind of thought that it was a gimmick and that I could get the bottle just as clean with a washcloth. Well, let me tell you, I was wrong. After not even two weeks of bottle feeding I was ordering this brush and I am so glad that I finally broke down and bought it because it makes the washing process so much quicker and easier. This brush has bristles on the side to clean the sides of the bottle but it also has a sponge on the bottom which does an amazing job of getting every last drop of formula out of the bottle. I have even used these on bottles that have accidentally sat in my diaper bag for a full twenty-four hours and it has even gotten those clean in under five minutes!

This brush has lots of uses and features

I have also taken to using this on my own water bottle and tall glasses because it just makes the process so much easier. Rather than having to try to stick your entire hand into a glass to try and get the bottom clean you can simply use this and be done in seconds. I also love the suction cup on the bottom because it means that this is not constantly falling into my dishwater while I am trying to wash the dishes. Nothing annoys me more than having things falling into my dishwater in the middle of me doing the dishes. I have heard people saying that this brush breaks easily but I have had mine for over a month now and have not had any issues.

This brush needs to be replaced frequently

One thing that I will say about this brush is that it will need to be replaced frequently because of the sponge on the tip of it. Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria and they can get very gross very quickly. Because this is a little pricier than your average sponge I do like to sanitize it and keep it for as long as I can but I do like to replace them every couple months or so. Another thing is that metal part that connects the brush head to the handle will rust if you don’t take precautions. I like to give the sponge a little squeeze and shake out the entire brush after every use to make sure that water isn’t trapped and that seems to keep rust away. However I will say that something that is designed to be used in water shouldn’t be so easy to rust.

Dr. Brown’s saved my sanity

This brush is really awesome and, even though it seems overrated, it really is a useful little tool to have. Ten months after buying my first one and I am still using these because they are inexpensive and they work so well. I will probably keep buying these even after my little girl is done using bottles and just use it for water glasses or water bottles. I definitely think these are worth the money and I highly recommend checking them out!

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