Clearblue Fertility Sticks 30 Ct by Clearblue Easy

The Clearblue fertility monitor sticks displays your most fertile days unmistakably, identifies your personal level of fertility every day, and tells you which days to test. The Clearblue fertility monitor sticks are an essential part of the Clearblue fertility monitor. Nearly all couples who conceive do so as a result of having intercourse during the six days leading up to and including ovulation. The Clearblue fertility monitor is the first and only technology based solely on hormone monitoring that provides you with personalized daily fertility information for pregnancy planning.  No other Test Sticks can be used with the Fertility Monitor. This package contains 30 Fertility Monitor Test Sticks, which is a 3 month supply*. Please read the enclosed instruction leaflet before using the Test Sticks. Instructions appear in English and Spanish. *The majority of women will need 10 test sticks each cycle. Monitor sold separately.

I bought these fertility monitor when my husband and I started actively trying to conceive a baby. We figured that the only way to ensure success was to pinpoint exactly when I was most fertile and go from there. These arrived shortly after we ordered them. Three months after we started using these we conceived our son. Some people can say it was luck but I truly believe that we can contribute all of it to this product.

They are really easy to use and work perfectly with my monitor. You just pee on them like you would with a pregnancy test, put the cap on, and insert it into the monitor and you will have a reading shortly. There is thirty in a box and they usually last about three cycles according to the box which seems true enough unless I used an extra or didn’t need one.

The main downfall for me is how pricey they are. They are quite expensive which can be a bit bothersome especially if you don’t conceive right away and end up needing to buy multiple boxes. To me, getting pregnant was priceless so I didn’t mind shelling out some extra dollars to get there. They are also extremely sensitive so if you take it wrong it might not give you an accurate reading. You’ll just need to be careful and take precautions to make sure that you are doing it correctly.

We are currently trying to conceive baby number two so we have purchased more of these. I am excited to see if we will get results as quickly as we did last time. A friend of mine who has had trouble conceiving in the past used these by my recommendation and she is now seven months pregnant with a healthy baby girl. I highly recommend this fertility monitor to anyone who is trying to conceive because it really does make a big difference.

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