Climb With The BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller

The BOB Revolution FLEX is the ideal on- and off-road jogging stroller, for both outdoor enthusiasts and urbanites, keeping families active for the years to come. Whether you want a vigorous training session or a nice long walk, the Revolution FLEX is the ideal stroller. This stroller is amazingly versatile, with swiveling front wheels, which allows for easy maneuverability through parks, city streets and other tight spots, but also locks for added stability when jogging or taking on rough terrain. And the handlebar adjusts, offering 9 positions to provide a perfect fit for parents of different heights. The Revolution FLEX boasts an ultra-smooth ride for your little adventurer. The state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system takes bumps in stride. Your child will love the fully upright seating option and you only need one hand to adjust the seat angle. And keep all your supplies, gear and even a few toys in the extra-large cargo basket. When you’re done for the day, fold the stroller in seconds and get going. Combine the Revolution FLEX with an infant car seat, like the BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax, to create the best travel system for your lifestyle. So go ahead – take your adventures to new heights with the BOB Revolution FLEX. BOB, the #1 jogging stroller.

You can take this stroller anywhere

My main focus when picking a stroller was finding one that I can take virtually anywhere. I love hiking and climbing so I wanted something that I can take up a hiking trail or something similar that is not necessarily a smooth ride. This one does that and handles it like a dream. I can go up a hiking trail and where other strollers would wobble and possibly tip over, the Revolution FLEX maintains its center of gravity and feels very stable. I have run over two miles pushing this and have never had a problem with it wobbling at all which my old stroller did. It makes me feel safer and a lot more secure when I am pushing this stroller on a rough terrain.

The Revolution FLEX fits my needs perfectly

I feel like this BOB stroller was made with me in mind. It has a huge sunshade for days that I am out in the sun all day and it keeps the sun off of my daughter extremely well. It has a huge basket underneath that will hold everything that I need to bring with us whether we are going on a hike or to the grocery store and there are also extra storage pockets for keys or my wallet. The handlebar is adjustable which makes pushing it at my height a much more enjoyable experience and a lot less of a stress on my lower back. Lastly, and probably the most important part of all, my daughter loves riding in it as it is super comfortable, reclines to a variety of positions, and has a large footrest which is something our last stroller did not have.

I wish this stroller was more lightweight

The one thing I can complain about with this stroller is how large and heavy this is. This is both a blessing and a curse because I feel like the weight contributes to how stable the Revolution FLEX is but it is also difficult to get up and down the stairs to my apartment. I am not sure that this is something that can be changed as I mentioned before but if you are considering buying this I would definitely keep that in mind. This BOB stroller is also a little bit more difficult to fold than your average stroller. I thought at first that I was the only person who had difficulty with this but after reading some reviews online I discovered that this was a common complaint that owners of this stroller had. This could easily be fixed by the manufacturer and I do hope to see that happen. In the meantime I will continue to use this stroller despite this issue.

BOB made a great product

Overall I definitely think that this product is a hit. Despite the few flaws I have found it is still the best stroller I have come across and it fits me and my lifestyle perfectly. I am excited to see this stroller continue to grow with my daughter and serve us as well as it has in the past. I will be using this stroller as long as needed and will also use it with any future children. I highly recommend this stroller especially if you live a healthy, active lifestyle like I do.

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  1. This stroller is great for city living. It’s easy to maneuver and to go over bumps. My daughter loves sitting in the stroller, falls asleep, and never wants to get out. I would recommend this stroller to anyone. It is a little heavy to get in the car but its a small price to pay.

  2. Best purchase I have made for the following reasons.
    Light weight, easy to place in my car trunk, perfect for taking on trails,walks, jogs and in the mall. Perfect to use for people of different heights.

    Cons: The stroller does take space to store and accessories are expensive.