Cloth Diaper Comfortably With Skip Hop Baby Grab and Go Wet / Dry Reusable Diaper Bag

Keeps leaks and odors contained. To handy sections keep wet and dry clothes separated; or use one pocket to keep dirty diapers at bay. A handy strap makes it easy to attach to a stroller

Perfect bag for the cloth-diapering mom!

My main concern with cloth diapering was how we would handle long periods of time outside of the house. Obviously, if you spend anywhere over an hour outside of the house you will need to change your baby. My concern was where we would put the diapers after we took them off of our baby girl because I did not want to carry a ton of plastic bags around with me. Not to mention with plastic bags you have the chance of them leaking and getting baby feces and urine all over the inside of your diaper bag. I decided that I wanted a wet bag and because this is the one that coordinated with my diaper bag I got this one. I think that it was a super smart investment because it has definitely come in handy more than a couple of times. I will put all of the dirty diapers into this bag and zip it up and it has never leaked through or anything. Then when I go home I empty the bag into the washing machine and throw the reusable bag in with them to get that clean as well! After it comes out I just hang it up to dry inside out as the instructions say to!

A super easy grab and go bag!

I love that there is a mesh pouch that is separate from the rest of the bag. I like to put a couple cloth diapers and liners as well as a fresh change of clothes for my baby girl into it because it is really easy to pull them out when you have the wet bag out already. It makes everything really easily accessible. The bag itself is made of a nice material that isn’t too bulky that it is going to take up and overly large amount of space but also not too thin that it will leak or tear. It can fit a surprising amount of stuff inside and I was very happy to see that I could pack a ton of diapers in the mesh part alone!

A couple ways that Skip Hop could improve this bag!

I have had a small problem with the strap on this bag. I love the fact that they added a strap just in case you wanted to carry this on it’s own but I do not like the fact that it unsnaps with even the slightest tug. I have tried to pull this out of my diaper bag and had the strap come off even though it wasn’t stuck in there or anything. I think that a clasp would work a lot better for this kind of thing because it would still allow you to remove the strap but it would add a bit of staying power.

An awesome all-around wet bag!

I have read some mixed reviews about this bag but I honestly love it. I am glad that I bought it straight out instead of listening to some of the negative reviews because it is honestly a really good bag! I have even used it as a swim bag to hold wet bathing suits and the like when we go to the pool or the lake because it keeps my diaper bag and my car nice and dry. If you have the Skip Hop diaper bag  then you should totally get this wet bag even if you don’t cloth diaper because you could put dirty disposable diapers into this so you don’t muck up the public bathroom garbage can. I highly recommend this wet bag!

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