Cruise With The BOB Motion Stroller

The BOB Motion Stroller is ideal for your everyday adventures. The Motion is compact, lightweight, and easily transitions from strolling to storage with the one-hand, quick-fold and automatic frame lock. Four pneumatic tires mounted on high impact polymer wheels, paired with the rugged spring suspension system, provide a smooth ride over bumps in the road ahead. The Motion stroller is suitable from 8 weeks to 65 pounds. With the included Click & Go adapters, the Motion instantly becomes a complete travel system with matching BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seats or any Britax Infant Car Seat using Click & Go (infant car seats sold separately).

The Motion handles very well

After obsessively trying out strollers for months while I was pregnant I finally decided on this one. My two main reasons for that is because I loved how smooth the ride was and the adjusting handle. Before trying this one I had thought that I would want a stroller with a single front wheel but when I discovered this and saw how incredible the maneuverability was I have officially been converted. I can use it anywhere I want to go and it even works well over grass and gravel without jostling my son too much. When going over rough terrain I have found it quite helpful to lock the wheels and that makes the ride even smoother but on pavement I have absolutely no issue pushing this stroller with one hand.

A stroller with many convenient features

There are so many things that I love about this stroller and it has definitely exceeded my high expectations. It has a very large basket underneath that holds a lot of stuff whether that’s groceries or my diaper bag it is a lot larger than most of the other strollers I considered. As well as that, it is really easy to access the basket even when the child is in the stroller. The BOB Motion also has a parent pocket which is surprisingly large and it holds a lot of stuff. I love that this stroller comes with an adjustable handle so that you can push it comfortably no matter what height you are. Because my husband is six feet tall this was a very important feature to consider when picking the stroller. Last but not least, I am very happy with the fact that there is a foot rest. My friend warned me to get a stroller with a foot rest to avoid problems when my son got to be a toddler so that’s a nice added advantage.

A few ways BOB could improve the Motion

I was kind of disappointed with the fact that the Motion did not come equipped with a cup holder. As someone who enjoys long walks I would really like the option of putting my water bottle in a cup holder. Instead I bought a clip for my water bottle and clip it on to the handle and that works well for me. The stroller is way heavier than I had anticipated and I find it hard to push for a very long time. I imagine as the baby gets older it will get harder to push as well. On the bright side it is probably a good workout.

High quality stroller

I definitely think that this stroller is worth the price. It has a lot of good features and few, but manageable, flaws. If you can work around these little flaws then I guarantee that you will love this stroller because it is a very high quality, easy to use stroller. I doubt that I would go back to using any other stroller as long as I am using one because this one has spoiled me rotten. I highly recommend the BOB Motion Stroller to any new parents who are looking for one.

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