Diaper Bag by Hip Cub – Plus Matching Baby Changing Pad

The New Hip Cub Diaper Bag Proves That A Mother’s Practical Sense And Her Fashion Sense Can Go Hand-In-Hand! – ON TREND! – We wanted to create something that looked and felt more like a fashionable and stylish purse than a traditional diaper bag! -PRACTICAL!- When you are missioning around town with your baby girl or boy you always have a LOT to carry and this diaper bag easily fits all of your baby essentials -COMFORTABLE! – With the option of an adjustable shoulder strap, short handles as well as stroller straps, having this with you on the go is a breeze! -GOOD VALUE! – Quality of a top designer diaper bag but without the price tag – SPACIOUS! – With 7 pockets, this is one of the largest and most spacious baby diapers bag on the market without being too bulky – SECURE! – Main interior compartment as well as 2 exterior side packets have secure zipper closures So What Makes The Hip Cub Diaper Bag So Special? * Big enough to feel like tote bag, comfortable enough to feel like backpack and cute enough to feel like a designer purse! * Enough room to carry all of your essentials when you’re out and about… even big enough if you have twins! * Comes with a super cute matching changing mat included * Can be used to carry things for children of all ages (or just for Mommy’s things if she wants!) * Perfect BABY SHOWER gift idea! * This offer is backed by our 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back! So click the “ADD TO CART” button to take advantage of our special launch price now!

I bought this bag before my son was born and I could not wait to try it out. When he came I discovered that it was a perfect fit for both of us. I did not want to carry around the traditional diaper bag because I never liked the way that any of them looked. This bag doesn’t look like a diaper bag besides the little logo that has a bear on it. But the entire logo is brown so it is not very noticeable at all. This bag is very stylish, I love carrying it around to the point that I will take it with me even when I don’t have my son with me and I may continue to use it after there is no need for me to have a diaper bag.

It’s also extremely spacious which came in handy with everything I need to carry with me. It has compartments for everything from diapers, wipes, and toys, to my personal belongings. The insulated pockets are a very convenient place to store bottles as well. Another thing about these bags that I love are the stroller straps. Walking with a stroller can be hard enough with a baby and carrying your diaper bag makes it quite a bit harder. The straps clip perfectly onto my stroller and it looks great. The upkeep of this bag is really easy. If anything gets on it, I will just take a wet cloth and wipe it away and that seems to do the job very well.

My only complaint is the white stripes on this bag seem to cling to dirt a little bit. If I am diligent about wiping it off every time something gets on it it doesn’t stain, but if I let it go or miss it there is a light mark on the back after I wipe it off. I use the Tide stain remover stick and it takes it off really well but it can be kind of a hassle. They do, however, have a lifetime 100% money back guarantee so if I was really unhappy with it I could return it at any point and get my money back. I don’t think it’s worth getting rid of the bag though.

It is a really great bag and it fits all of our needs perfectly. It is a little pricier than other bags but I personally think it’s worth every penny. I think I will get a lot of use out of it for a long time and to me it’s sort of an investment. I don’t think I will ever go back to using a regular style of diaper bag after using this.

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