Dream With The Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor

It’s tough being a parent. You can’t help but worry about your baby every minute of every day, even when your baby is sleeping soundly. The Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor (AC420) is a great sound monitor at an affordable price. You’ll find the sound quality is crystal clear, and it also comes with a rechargeable mobile Parent Unit. In fact, everything you could possibly need to enjoy the experience of parenthood.

The Angelcare has no static!

Before purchasing this I had owned a cheaper baby monitor and the only thing I could hear unless the baby was screaming was static and constant clicking. That is irritating when you are trying to watch a T.V. show or movie and it is interfering. The first thing I noticed about the Angelcare Baby Sound is that this monitor has no static whatsoever. It is crystal clear sound and you can adjust the sensitivity so that it is less sensitive or more sensitive depending on your personal preference. On the most sensitive setting you can hear everything including your baby’s breathing. There are also multiple channels so that you can choose the clearest one and get the best sound quality possible out of your monitor.

A baby monitor that is good for the environment

I really like the fact that the receiver uses rechargeable batteries. I have always liked to be as green as possible and throwing away less batteries certainly helps with that. The receiver does not drain the batteries as fast as a lot of other baby monitors do and I only have to recharge them every two or three days. I also like the fact that the Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor shows what the temperature in my son’s nursery is. It is a nice little extra feature that is good to have and it removes the need for me to check the temperature.

Angelcare Baby Sound monitor can’t be used while it’s charging

I did not know before purchasing the Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor that it will not work while it is charging. I saw the signal that it needed to be plugged in and when I set it in the cradle I just continued to get that same message. Eventually I just turned it off and let it charge and stayed close to my son’s nursery. I am now more careful to make sure it charges when it is not in use so that I don’t run into this issue but I wish that it would work whether it was charging or not. Another issue I have had is even though it is sensitive to noises it is not as loud as other monitors I have owned previously. With other ones I have been able to sit in a room with multiple people carrying on conversations and not had an issue but this one has a quieter audio and so I have to keep the room a little bit quieter. I do wish it was a little bit louder but if I really want to be in a room that is so loud that it is hard to hear I just make sure to check the display every few minutes.

Real value for the price

Overall, I definitely think that the Angelcare monitor is a great choice of monitors in this price range. You get a really great, clear feedback with this one which is the number one thing that is most important for me. It delivers really good quality at a low price and it comes with clear instructions which makes it easy to use. It has multiple useful features and things that you would not expect to see in a baby monitor. I recommend the Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor to every parent I meet. My sister has purchased one for her daughter’s nursery and she is very pleased with hers as well. It is all around a good, dependable monitor that I really have enjoyed owning and using.

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  1. This is an amazing monitor!! For someone who has a son who spits up a lot due to reflux this monitor is a life saver for me. It’s a good quality brand with a scent price point and consider how clear it comes in on the monitor its worth every penny! I like the fact I can have it set to a different sensitivity and it’s not just a predetermined setting. Also with being able to know the temperature in my baby’s room is great to know if it’s too hot or cold.
    You can also get this brand it’s a movement monitor as well. It’s another ease of mind because it will tell you if your child has stopped breathing so you have that to help reduce sids.
    If you want a good quality monitor that will last, this is the way to go