Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

The Dream on Me Karley Bassinet in Blue/Gray is made of a polyester foam fabric and features a double canopy and sleeping pad. Lightweight and versatile, this bassinet can easily be moved from room to room. This karley Bassinet bassinet requires light assembly. For newborns up to 25 lbs.

I needed to buy a bassinet for my daughter when she was a newborn so that she could sleep in our room for a little while. This one was the one I chose because it is lightweight, portable, and not overly bulky. I also liked the colors were muted and went well with the color scheme in my bedroom. The storage area underneath is an added bonus and I can put her blankets in there so they are tucked out of sight but still accessible.

The cover means that this is great to take outside or camping. It will keep the sun and bugs off the baby. We went outside for picnics and things when she was young at it worked exceptionally well. This karley Bassinet is constructed well and feels extremely sturdy. It is also easy to set up and take down and when it is not in use it is compact and easy to store.

The mattress that comes with the bassinet is not great quality and felt quite thin and uncomfortable. There are spare mattresses sold for this style of bassinet but I just pad it with a quilt. If you choose to pad it yourself make sure that you use a quilt or something that is not overly plushy so that there is no risk of suffocation. The cover also does not stay up without being zipped together which means that there is no way to only raise one side of the cover. I just set the bassinet in the shade so that it doesn’t pose a huge issue but I do wish that they were self-supported.

I think that this is a really nice, little bassinet that serves it’s purpose well. I like that this karley Bassinet has a lot of features that other bassinets may not have. It adds a bit of extra convenience which we could all use. I hope to use this with future children and I’m sure I will enjoy it as much in the future. I highly recommend this product if you are in the market for a bassinet because it is definitely one of the better options out there.