Drive With The Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat

Promoting a proper fit. The Evenflo maestro harnessed booster car seat features 4 harness height adjustments allowing the seat to grow with your child. Then convert to a belt-positioning booster using our auto adjusting belt path to correctly position the belt to your child. The up-front harness tightening and loosing eases getting your child in and out of the seat. Side impact tested with an expanded zone of protection. Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2x the federal crash test standard. Designed, engineered, tested, molded and assembled in the USA.

The Evenflo Maestro feels very sturdy

The first point I want to emphasize is that this car seat is quite heavy, which I actually like because I feel like it is more sturdy and safe if it is heavy. It installs super easily into the car and only takes me five to ten minutes to get it put in fully. It fits perfectly in both my tiny, little car and my husband’s truck so I feel confident that this would work in virtually any vehicle. I also cannot forget to mention the beautiful color of this car seat. It is a beautiful, vibrant blue and it has even stayed vibrant after I washed the seat cover which I am happy about because I did worry that it would fade and start to look dingy.

This booster can rear face

I was very happy to find out that this booster seat can rear face. A lot of the other ones I had been looking at had not had that option and I do not feel comfortable letting my son front face yet but he is too big to fit in his old car seat. I have used this rear facing for as long as I have had it and it feels very secure and I am comfortable with how it performs. The cupholders are easy to install and he loves them. It makes my son really happy to be able to put his juice box or water bottle in his cupholder and have it there next to him so I am really happy about this addition to the car seat.

A few improvements could be made to this car seat

I wish that this seat came equipped with shoulder pads to protect my child’s neck from the harnesses. After trying this booster seat out for the first time on quite a long road trip I noticed that my son had a little red mark on his neck from the harness rubbing against it. I immediately went out and bought a set of shoulder pads and put them on the harness and that has fixed it right up. In my opinion they should come with the car seat but it does not cost much at all to fix this problem. It also could use a little bit more padding but this will only be an issue if you go on frequent long road trips. Otherwise it is comfortable enough for general use.

Overall a great product from Evenflo

I am extremely pleased with this booster seat. It provides everything that it should and doesn’t lack in extremely important areas. I love everything from the color to the buckles which are extremely easy to use which is something that really comes in handy when you are trying to wrestle a toddler into a car seat. I am also happy that this booster will grow with my child which means that I won’t have to go out and buy a new car seat anytime in the near future. Another really great thing to mention is how affordable this seat is. All things considered I definitely recommend this car seat to anyone who is in the market for one.

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