Eat Neatly With Trendy BABY 100% Organic Cotton Bandana Drool Bib Gift Set

Easy to use. Just use the adjustable metal clips to easily fasten the bib around his neck while he’s eating or going for car rides Our bibs are incredibly absorbent, and baby soft for your baby and use only the finest materials available in the marketplace. Our bibs are also incredibly soft in front and back so you will have incredibly peace of mind with our soft bibs. The choice is simple and a no brainer.

Adorable and absorbent bibs

I bought these mainly for the color and style of them. I love that they are very neutral colors and that they have really cute, cartoon-style animals embroidered onto them but are also reversible so that you can also have a pattern as opposed to the embroidery showing. My personal favorite is the giraffe because I think that it is just so cute! They are also in the bandana style which I have another bib set in that I also love. After purchasing them mostly for their looks I realized that they are actually super absorbent and keep the baby very clean and dry. This is great because now they won’t just be used for an accessory for an outfit even though they did do a great job of that as well.

This gift set grows with your baby

These bibs have two snaps to fasten it which means that they are adjustable to a point. They won’t go very big and your child will most likely be grown out of these by one. I bought these when my daughter was quite young so she is still wearing them at eight months very comfortably but I can already tell that soon they will be a little snug. They are also very soft which means that my baby doesn’t mind wearing them all day long as opposed to some bibs I have put on him that he absolutely hated and tore off the first chance he got. The tags are not super irritating and the fact that there are snaps instead of velcro really helps with the comfort side of things.

I wish they had more sizes

One thing I wish is that they had a bigger size for larger babies. My daughter is on the petite side so she doesn’t have a problem fitting into these but I can’t imagine that a larger baby could fit these past nine months. Plus I would love to continue putting these on my daughter after she is like a year old or so because they are cute. Unfortunately, as far as I have seen they only have one size but hopefully they will expand some time in the future. Other than that I have no complaints about these whatsoever.

A great gift set from Trendy BABY

I love this gift set and it has become my go-to for baby shower gifts. Anyone I know that owns these says that they are the cutest things ever and uses them as much as I do. I just love the simplicity of these and the fact that they actually work like they should unlike a lot of other bibs and baby products in general. I really think that these are good quality and very affordable as well. I definitely recommend checking these out if you want functional bibs that aren’t really loud and obnoxious but that are still affordable. It’s hard to find them but these are proof that they do exist.

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