Enjoy Cleanliness With Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes

Wipe without worry. It’s a problem as old as time: babies’ most sensitive places are also the messiest. About time for these hydrating, skin-nourishing wipes—gentle enough for faces, hands and bottom places. With a thick, soft texture and always moist (thanks to the pack design) material. So wipe, baby, wipe.

A nice, non-toxic wipe!

I love that these are made with all-natural ingredients because it makes me feel super comfortable putting them on my son’s sensitive skin! A lot of the time, eco-friendly and non-toxic wipes will be too thin, too small, or too rough but these ones are soft, large, and thick as well as having a perfect amount of moisture and a very mild scent. I find that these do a great job of getting the stuck on bits of food off of my child hands and also getting off the tough diaper  disasters. These wipes aren’t going to shred as soon as you go to wipe the baby like some other of the more natural wipes that I have tried and they definitely feel more sturdy and durable.

Babyganics are an affordable option

A lot of times when you are looking for an eco-friendly, non-toxic wipe option you are going to be looking at a bigger bill than you would be otherwise but these aren’t bad at all. I ordered four hundred wipes for fifteen dollars which adds up to about $0.04 a wipe! It is a little pricier compared to some other brands but it is definitely not going to break the bank and you will have the added advantage of the peace of mind that comes along with a more natural option. These also don’t leave that soapy residue that a lot of wipes I have tried in the past tend to leave. I love this because I feel like it is not so harsh and drying on my son’s sensitive bottom or hands!

I will not use these on my baby’s face!

When I first got these I made sure that I had extra so I could carry them with me in my diaper bag just in case I needed to wipe my little one’s face and hands. However, I wiped my son’s face with these once and he immediately got a swollen, red, splotchy rash on his face. At first I thought he had had an allergic reaction to the strawberries he had eaten and didn’t think it was the wipes but the next time I wiped his face with them the same rash appeared. For this reason I absolutely do not use these on his face but they have not caused a problem with his bottom or his face so I still buy them!

Great for hands and bottoms!

I really do like using these for everything but the face and they allow me to enjoy a more natural wipe without sacrificing the quality or the enjoyability of a decent wipe. I have bought so many packs of these that I have lost count and I do not regret even one of those purchases. I even use these on myself when I need to remove my makeup and don’t have any time and they do not seem to affect my face in a negative way at all! I highly recommend checking these out if you are looking for a more eco-friendly and non-toxic option!

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