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The award-winning Bubble Bum is the world’s first inflatable, foldable and portable car booster seat. It’s perfect for everyday, travel, carpools, playdates, taxis and vacations. It’s narrow design (13″ across) makes getting three car seats across the backseat easy. Bubble Bum meets and exceeds all US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS213) and is designed for children ages 4 to 11, weighing from 40 – 100 pounds. It’s the winner of the 2011 JPMA Innovation Award, the 2011 Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and ranked a 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 “Best Bet” Booster Seat by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). It weighs just over a pound and comes with a convenient carrying bag and shoulder belt positioning clip. It inflates in seconds with a couple of puffs of air and deflates/packs down just as quickly. When deflated, it’s small enough to fit in a child’s backpack or mom’s purse. Bubble Bum’s cool and funky design appeals to kids, parents love the convenience and ease of use.

The perfect booster for on-the-go

I don’t own a car and I tend to take a taxi cab or the bus everywhere I go. Living in New York City, it is just easier to get where I need to go that way. Every since I had my son it has been a struggle to get around because he has to be in a car seat and everything. When he was in an infant seat it was a lot easier because I could take his stroller out and then when I was ready to get in the cab I could simply unclip the car seat from the stroller and put it into the trunk and clip the car seat in. Ever since he got into a big boy seat it has become harder because I would have to carry his booster seat to the cab and then take it in wherever I was going. I finally got fed up and started looking for alternatives and that is when I found this inflatable booster seat. After reading a ton of reviews and checking the safety ratings I decided that this was an awesome option!

A super innovative seat

I honestly had my doubts about this seat. It’s not that I didn’t think that it was safe because every car seat has to pass the minimum safety requirements to even be allowed on the market. What I was uncertain about was how long this would last and how easy it would be to use. I’m happy to report that this works really well and had lasted for nearly a year already. It is really easy to set up and only takes a couple of minutes. I can just blow it up and put it into the cab. The best part is that when I’m not using the booster seat anymore I can just deflate it, fold it up, and put it in my purse. This means no more lugging a gigantic booster seat everywhere I go. It is also really easy to clean because it wipes clean really easily.

BubbleBum could improve this seat

One thing that I noticed is that you have to be very careful to make sure that the belt is securely inside of the red clips. A couple of times I have fastened them in there and then when I checked it afterwards I noticed that it popped out really easily. That showed me that it is definitely crucial to check and make sure that it is completely secure before you start driving. Another thing is the fact that this seems to have been made for taller, more slender children. The seat of it is very thin and the shoulder belt clip won’t keep the shoulder belt off the child’s neck if they are on the short side.

Am awesome option for a portable booster seat

I am honestly so glad that I bought this because it is really helpful when you are constantly on the go with a little one. A normal booster seat might be better if you can just strap it into the cat and forget about it but this is perfect for someone that takes taxis or public transit. It would probably be handy if you are going to be flying on an airplane as well although I’ve never used mine for that. I think that this is definitely a really innovative and creative design that I’m glad someone thought up. I would most likely repurchase if I had to because of the simplicity and convenience of this booster seat. I would definitely recommend this booster seat to anyone who takes cabs a lot!

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