Experience Comfort With Ergobaby Original 3 Position Baby Carrier

The first-in-line design that made our name, now in its third-generation, the Ergobaby Original Carrier has evolved to make it more comfortable than ever. Made of durable cotton canvas with high-density padding and straps that adjust for the perfect mutual fit.

The only baby carrier for me!

While I was shopping for baby things in my last trimester I came to “baby carrier” on the shopping list and I immediately knew that I wanted something from Ergobaby. Not only did all of my friends have baby carriers from Ergobaby but so did my siblings who had kids. There were a couple of different options from this brand that I was caught between but I ultimately decided on this one because it had a lot of the features that I wanted in my baby carrier. I am honestly so impressed with this baby carrier and I don’t think that I could have chosen a better one! This baby carrier is so incredibly comfortable that I don’t even feel like I’m wearing it sometimes even when my daughter is in it. The straps are so thick and padded that they don’t tend to dig into my shoulders at all which makes wearing it for long periods of time a lot easier!

Ergobaby Original is so easy to use!

I love how easy it is to get the baby in and out of this and I can even get my daughter out while she is asleep without waking her up! This makes it super easy to get some quiet time during the day because I can put her into this and do my housework until she falls asleep and then I can put her in her crib and let her finish her nap in there while I have some mommy-time. I don’t have any problems getting this all set up on my own and it only takes me moments. The weight distribution on this carrier is phenomenal and really does a great job of helping me avoid sore spots!

A couple flaws in the 3 position carrier!

I have very minimal complains about this carrier but I do have a few points I would like to make. Firstly, there is nothing holding the baby up when you go to unclip it to put down the sleeping baby. Because of this you definitely have to do some fidgeting around to make sure that the baby is not jostled around too much. I look past this because if it were made any differently then the baby wouldn’t be against me when I am wearing this and that is definitely one of my favorite parts of baby-wearing. Secondly, I wish that I could face my baby outwards! It would make going for walks and things a lot more fun for her! This is not a dealbreaker but I do hope they add a forward facing feature in the future!

An overall amazing baby carrier!

I am really pleased with this baby carrier and it is definitely one of the purchases that I think is the most worth the money. Yes, it is a little bit pricier than your average baby carrier but you definitely get what you pay for! The quality is superb and it will definitely last me a long time so it is a good investment. I will be using this until my daughter grows out of it and then again with my future children. I would most definitely repurchase if I needed to as well! I highly recommend this Ergobaby carrier if you are looking for one!

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