Feast On Plum Organics Baby Second Blends

All for yum, Plum for all. At Plum Organics, we have a passion for yummy food and so do our babies! We’ve created only the purest, culinary-inspired meals with unique flavors and colors for baby to explore. Let’s celebrate the goodness and giggles of great tasting food with real organic fruits and veggies in delightful combinations. Because when bib time beckons, Plum Organics is for babies and babies are for yum! A Plum Perfect Baby Food Pouch! Easy feeding; Resealable top; Grab and go convenience. Plum Organics Second Blends (6+ months), a Stage 2 baby food pouch line with blends of pure fruit and veggies, are perfect for exposing your little foodie to unique flavors and colors. Using only organic ingredients, the gently cooked blends are naturally preserved in a convenient, resealable pouch that’s perfect for flexible portions.

Plum Organics got the recipe just right

My son is a very picky eater for his age which has made it hard to get him all his vitamins and nutrients since switching from formula and even he likes the Plum Organics Baby Second Blends. It has just the right mix of sweet and savory so that it is not overwhelming for him. His favorite is the spinach, peas, and pear because it is the least sweet but it still has a little bit in it. I like it because he is getting a nice large dose of his green veggies which are great for him. I have even tasted it and it does not taste like the usual slimy baby food. It actually tastes like something I don’t feel bad giving my baby. My son gets visibly excited every time I take one of these out and he gobbles it all up in under a minute.

The Second Blends are super travel friendly

I love the fact that these are packaged in plastic pouches instead of the usual glass jar or plastic tub. It makes it a lot easier to give him a snack in the car if I don’t have to pull out an entire container as well as a spoon and anything else I might need. It makes it ideal for traveling or during walks while he is in the stroller and also makes my life a whole lot easier. It also comes with a lid that I can screw back on if he doesn’t finish the entire pouch which is not very often.

Unclear descriptions by Plum Organics

After receiving these pouches for the first time I took a look at the list of ingredients as I do with all of the food I buy for my son. Listed as the first ingredient in every single pouch is apples regardless of whether or not the packaging described apples as being one of the flavors. This is fine with me and I can understand if apples is what makes the mix work well but I think they should put it on the packaging along with the fruit included in the mix. It would be more honest and remove the risk of someone getting irritated or hurt because they did not know there were apples in it. I sincerely hope that Plum Organics takes the time to fix this discrepancy.

A really great baby food blend

I absolutely love this baby food because of the taste, the packaging, and the unique mixes they offer. I am very happy with nearly everything besides the small error with the apples. I genuinely think that this is a good brand despite other’s opinions and problems with it in other reviews I have read. I am mostly just happy that my son is getting his portions of fruits and veggies despite his pickiness. I can already see how it has improved his health in the short time since I have found this brand. I highly recommend Plum Organics Baby Second Blends to every parent out there. Try them once and I promise you will be hooked.

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