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They’re itchy, runny, sneezy, stuffy, red, often crusty, and looking for relief. During cold and flu season, kids’ noses couldn’t look or feel worse. But with Boogie Wipes, kids have a better way to blow. Boogie Wipes are made with a patented natural and sterile saline formula, which dissolves kids’ dried boogers, and provides relief from congestion and cold symptoms. Recommended by parents and pediatricians alike, Boogie Wipes are a gentle, easy alternative to dry tissues and saline drops, and can soothe even the most tender noses. Since they are made with natural saline, these wipes are great for all ages, from congested infants and newborns to stuffy toddlers. Saline is naturally occurring in the earth and body, and pediatricians regularly recommend its use for breaking up and clearing out snot, so you can rest assured your baby’s cold or congestion symptoms will be relieved. Safe for all kids, Boogie Wipes products were created by moms for moms, and are made with love in the USA.

The perfect wipe for sick babies

The first time my beautiful little angel got sick I didn’t really know what to do. She was only a couple of months old and was exclusively breastfed. The stuffed nose made it really hard for her to get a good latch and even if she did it would be only a few seconds before she was off again gasping for air and crying. This was obviously heartbreaking so I started researching how to help a baby with a cold. Among other things such as steam, warm baths, and lots of breast milk there was also an ad for these boogie wipes and after reading a lot of reviews I decided to order some. I am extremely happy to report that they really do work. If my little girl’s nose starts running or if I see a booger hanging out I can wipe out away and not only will it wipe away the booger but it will also grip onto the part that is hanging out and pull out the rest of it.

These boogie wipes are super gentle

Before using these I was a little bit worried that these would irritate my little girl’s face because she does have extremely sensitive skin. I was happy to see that there was no bad reaction to these which is probably because they are saline based. They also don’t seem to dry out my little one’s face which is a big plus because I don’t put lotion onto her face. These are also quite thick and strong which means that they aren’t going to treat when you take them out of the package or when you use them. Another thing that I really appreciate about these wipes is the fact that they aren’t too wet so they don’t leave a moist residue on the baby’s face but they still have enough to make the wiping process more comfortable.

A couple ways boogie wipes could be improved

One of the biggest things that I have a problem with when it comes to these wipes is the price. They are a little bit pricier than I would like and normally I would not spend that much on wipes but I was so desperate. Another thing I’m not crazy about is how easy these are to dry out. I accidentally bought the sticky adhesive closure instead of the snap-top closure and they starting drying out really quickly. I would highly recommend getting the packs with the snap-top top avoid this problem. I have not seemed to have this same problem with the snap-top lids so I have chosen to stick with them.

A must-have wipe for sick baby’s

These really are the best thing for babies with stuffy noses. It makes being sick a little more bearable for the little ones. Every time my daughter is sick I but a couple of packs of these because they work so incredibly well. I even use these on myself when I’m sick because they don’t dry my nose or like normal tissues do.

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