Feel Secure With The Baby Diego Cub’Zone Playpen and Activity Center

Baby Diego’s original cub’zone (playpen and activity center) is the best play yard you can get for your baby. It keeps your baby safe and entertained without wandering at home, office or backyard. It allows baby to have its own territory and becomes a special space to play and ‘invite’ friends or mommy and daddy. It features a picture house, ball spinners, a play telephone, and a swinging hinged door with safety lock. The size of this 8 panel playpen can increase or decrease by removing or adding panels. Premium quality, safe, fun and easy to clean, moms and dads everywhere highly recommend the original Cub’Zone by Baby Diego. Get two and connect them if you want to create an extra-large play zone or set up two separate areas for the baby to play. It can be used as baby grows 6-24 months. We suggest adding foam mat flooring (sold separately) for extra comfort.

My son loves this activity center

Being a busy mom, sometimes I need to set my son down so that I can get things done and not stress if he is getting into things or putting himself in danger. That’s why this works so well for us. Previously I had used a playard but now that my son is mobile and crawling around he doesn’t want to be stuck in a playard he wants to have the freedom to explore. With this he can move all over the place, he can pull himself up to stand, and he can have fun with the toy wall and while he does all this I can do the dishes and not have to stress about what he’s getting into. He loves the play wall and there is enough toys on it that he will stay entertained for a nice long time.

The Cub’Zone keeps my son safe

This activity center has saved my sanity. I love the fact that it has a gate so that I don’t have to open the entire gate and move half of it aside just to get in and out. This way is much easier and more convenient and the latch on the gate means that I can get in and out but my son cannot! I am really happy with how sturdy the walls are because I don’t have to worry about my son pushing them over or falling when he tried to pull himself up on them and the walls are high enough that I am confident that he could not climb over them and fall. When he grows out of it I am excited to see how it works as a baby gate.

I wish the stickers on this playpen were stickier

I have had a huge problem with the stickers being easily pulled off and put into my child’s mouth and I have to say I am not a huge fan of this. I wish that they were better adhered to the walls of the activity center because I am worried that they could be a potential choking hazard. I took all of the stickers off so that I didn’t have to worry but it would be nice if they could have stayed on because they were really cute and it’s a shame they had to come off. Another problem I have encountered with this product is that the measurements when I ordered it are not the measurements of the actual playpen. This hasn’t caused me any problems with how it performs but they should fix it so that the accurate measurements are displayed.

A great product from Baby Diego

I don’t know what I ever did before I found this activity center. It is a little bit of an investment but nothing is as priceless as knowing your child is safe and secure while you are able to cook, clean, or take some time for yourself. There’s also the added advantage of my son not only being contained but also entertained so he is not screaming and making things difficult. This is my number one recommendation for people with crawling babies or toddlers.

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  1. This playpen is very helpful to us specially having two sets of stairs in our three floors apartment. The playpen looks like baby in the cage but for the baby, it’s her mini playground. The playpen comes with musical things that makes the baby busy and entertained. The baby is safe inside as the playpen is made with plastic and the entry has a lock so the baby can’t open the door. I don’t have to write a long review. It’s secure and fun for the baby. I think that’s all that matters.