The First Years Breastflow Milk Storage Organizer

Breast milk is liquid gold-so it deserves special storage! The Breastflow Milk Storage Organizer has a spring-loaded drawer that freezes milk flat and pushes it up front for easy access. Simply load the rack from the back for “first-in, first out” storage. Snap the cover on to keep breast milk isolated from other items in the freezer, or you can use it to hold bags for extra storage. You pumped it, now protect it.

This organizer saves my messy freezer

I will be the first to admit that, before I bought this, my freezer was probably the messiest freezer I have ever seen. There were breast milk storage bags tucked in the door, on the top shelf, on the bottom shelf, and anywhere else you could possible think of. It was a mess! Finally I broke down and started looking for a storage solution and this is what I found. I have used it religiously ever since and my freezer has never looked better. It hold about twenty bags if they are filled around five ounces and will freeze them flat due to the special spring-loaded drawer. I like to keep the oldest milk at the back, as recommended by the manufacturer, to be sure that I use the oldest milk last.

This storage works with all sorts of bags

I use these with my favorite storage bags which are the Lansinoh breast milk bags and they work perfectly. I read a review that they did not work with any bags except The First Years bags but that is not the case. It fits beautifully and doesn’t bunch up in any areas. Once they freeze flat in this container and the container gets full I like to transfer all of the milk to a Ziploc bag to store so that I can continue to use the organizer to flatten the new milk coming in.

The breastflow’s lid needs improvement

My biggest complaint when it comes to this storage container is the lid. It is not tall enough to fit on with the lansinoh bags so I leave it off but even if I were to leave it on it does not serve a real purpose. It does not latch in any way, which I find kind of frustrating. I would much rather it clicked on or something similar. Basically it is there just as a cover so that nothing can get in. I don’t have a use for it but maybe someone else would. The other thing that I think is not ideal is how strong the spring loaded drawer is. It has a lot of force behind it and it has even exploded a milk bag before because it slammed it too hard. I am now careful to let it go softly so that that doesn’t happen. I think that it needs to be that strong in order to flatten the milk successfully but just be aware that it is very forceful!

A great storage solution for breast milk

I am overall very impressed with this organizer. I think it does a great job and lives up to it’s claims. I have now started using it to organize homemade baby foods since I have stopped breastfeeding and it works well for that too. My sister has recently purchased one as well and she loves it. I think that it is a must-have for any pumping mother and it does miracles for your freezer. I highly recommend this.

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  1. I honestly thought it was a glorified box with lid until I got one for myself to try it out. I am highly impressed with this product. It fits the lansinoh bags perfectly with the tabs showing, perfect for the FIFO rules. The spring inside is very helpful keeping the stored milk to stay upright so you wont have to take out the box off the freezer to get the milk (keeping the temperature the same). I highly recommend this product and the price I paid for this is truly worth the value.