The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups

Toddlers are busy bees! So having the perfect to-go cup with a straw, just like your iced coffee, is essential. The First Years Take & Toss Straw cups are durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough that it’s not a major tragedy if they get left behind or lost.

The perfect cup for a toddler!

Eventually a toddler gets to the age where they no longer want to use a sippy cup. For my little girl that age was two. She decided that she was old enough that she wanted a cup like mommy. I have a tumbler that I put my iced coffee in in the morning so I was officially on the hunt for a kid’s tumbler. While I wanted to find something that resembled my own drink cup I also wanted to find something that was spill-proof because she is still two years old and is not the most coordinated kid on the block. I came across these and immediately bought the four pack. I have since fallen completely in love with them. They are amazing at keeping the spills at bay, they look just like my cup, and they are super affordable which is always a huge plus because we lose sippy cups and kid cups like crazy around my household.

These spill-proof cups are amazing!

Even though these are super affordable they are also really durable. My daughter has dropped her cups multiple times and they have not broken or cracked and there has been very minimal spillage. She loves the bright colors of these cups and like to mix and match the straws, lids, and cups to make her own variations. A lot of the time I get requested to get her a juice in the red cup with the blue lid and the yellow straw. Whatever keeps her happy is what I do! I also like that the lid is kind of hard to get off so my daughter is not able to get it off on her own. This means that she is not going to be able to open up her cup and dump the contents all over the kitchen, living room, or my car . Huge bonus!

The First Years has a few design flaws

One thing that I will say is that you have to follow certain steps when assembling this cup so that you don’t make a huge mess. You have to fill the cup, put the lid on, and then put the straw in. If you try to put the straw in the lid and put it on as one big piece you are going to end up with liquid shooting out of the straw. This is not so much a complaint as much as a warning to anyone who is going to be using these. A lot of people have complained about the fact that the straw is easy to pull out because there is no ring as a stopper on the bottom of the straw but that is because of this fact. If they made it any differently it would not be as spill proof so I get past the fact that the straw is easy to pull out.

An awesome cup for independent toddlers

I think that these cups are amazing and I honestly have had no problems with them. They work awesome and because they are so inexpensive I don’t mind if they get lost at the park or while we are out grocery shopping. I have already bought another pack and we still have most of the original one. I love how easy they are to clean because they don’t have a ton of intricate little pieces besides the straw itself. I really think these are worth purchasing and I highly recommend them for toddlers!

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