Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing

This swing has deluxe, rich soft goods including plush boa that will embrace baby in luxurious softness. There’s an airy canopy on the back of the swing and 3 delicate soft toys hanging from the mirror mobile overhead. The seat has a removable support for newborns in an adorable puppy theme. The seat has 2 recline positions and the swing features 3 seat positions providing mom with options for her baby along with the soothing side to side cradle motion and traditional head to toe swinging motion. Music includes 16 tunes 8 soothing and 8 entertaining along with 2 nature sounds. The swing has 6 distinct speeds with Smart Swing technology, volume control and the frame folds for storage. An AC adapter has also been added to save on batteries.

I bought this for my son before he was born after debating whether to get this or one other Fisher Price swing. I chose this one because I liked the fact that it could swing back and forth as well as side to side. I also liked that it could be plugged in instead of having to run on batteries. It looks great with the furniture in my living room and it works perfectly. My baby loves it and he takes at least one nap a day in it.

My son will stare up at the mobile for a long time and he will stay entertained. He also loves the mirror on the bottom of the mobile and if he is not ready to nap in the swing he will smile and talk to himself. The music isn’t too overwhelmingly obnoxious like most swings are. They have a cute little selection of tunes for the baby to swing to and it also has some nature sounds if you don’t want to play music.

It makes a crunching sound when it first starts up. I think it’s just adjusting to the weight of the baby but it is kind of an annoying sound. It also will not run properly if the seat is not adjusted right. So I have had a couple of instances where I thought that the motor wasn’t working properly and instead I just needed to fix the seat.

Altogether, I think this is one of the better options for swings out there. It’s affordable but doesn’t rack up costs down the road by eating up batteries. I love mine and I will use for any future children as it has held up well enough that I am sure it will still be able to be used. I would definitely recommend this swing to anyone who is in the market for one.

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  1. We have this swing for my son and he is obsessed! The little mobile instantly calms him down if he is fussy. At the start on rough nights this swing was one of the only things that calmed him down.

    The things we love include: the plug in so no need for batteries, the fact that this swing goes a little faster than most other swings we tried, it’s super soft and comfy for babe, music turns itself off after a while, the seat can turn sideways as well.

    The only negative we found was that the feet take up a lot of space and if they aren’t sitting perfectly the swing kinda bounces, which is a little scary!

  2. I love this swing! I was a daycare teacher and had 7 infants at all different ages. This swing was the best one in my room. It can handle the teeny tiny babies up to the great big 9 month old babies. While I believe it says only up to 6 months it will work for a while longer. I highly recommend this swing! While it takes up space, it is at least well worth it.

  3. This swing keeps my baby calm. She probably feels like I’m carrying her and putting her to lullaby. The soft stuff hanging on top helps keep her occupied. The music keeps her entertained. It is also easy to move from one place to another. She only used it from 3 months to 6 months but it’s really very helpful for me as I can do other things at home with my hands free.

  4. We were gifted this swing from a friend at our baby shower and could not be happier! The swing rocks side-to-side or front-to-back. The controls are easy to use and offer a variety of different speeds as well as sounds/music to soothe baby. My little one loves looking up at the mobile and mirror. The swing does take up a fair amount of space and when you initially start the swing, the motor makes some noise, but overall this is a great product.

  5. I got this swing as a gift and it’s been amazing! Not only does my son love to hang out in it but he also loves to sleep in it. It’s really helpful in the middle of the night to put him in the swing and let it rock him to sleep. It takes up a lot of space but it’s worth every inch. I love that you can plug it in so it doesn’t use up a million batteries. He loves the different music options that it comes with. The mobile is a little to high up for him to even see yet. Once he’s a little older and can see further, I’m sure he’ll love the mobile and especially the mirror. The puppy insert is so warm and snuggly.

  6. This swing is a lifesaver! When we brought our boy home from NICU we tried so hard to recreate the NICU feel for him for an easy transition. Nothing worked! Pack N Play: no. Bouncer: no. Swaddles: no. Elevated crib: no.

    We were originally gifted a different swing and took it back thinkin what we had was enough. After trying everything we had for a week, we went back to rebuy the swing, but came across the Snugapuppy! We put him in it as soon as we got it put together and he instantly fell asleep! For his first month home he slept in the swing and we were able to get sleep. We do not regret our purchase and he STILL loves to swing in it at almost 7 months old!

  7. My daughter received this swing at my baby shower. She absolutely loves it. Especially now that she can see the animals at the top. I honestly hate using the swing as a babysitter sometimes. It’s the only way she will calm down and be happy. The speeds do go kind of fast, so we have to put it on the lowest speed. The music on there soothes her, I love the fact there are different choices of it. The swing is by our bedroom, so if she’s in the swing, all I have to do is rotate it in a different direction (there are 3 different positions the swing can go in) and I can see her perfectly! I give this product a good rating. Definitely going to use it for my next child.

  8. I loved the Fisher price swing

    Pros: has a plug in so you do not spend lots of money on batteries. Proper amount of cushion so baby is very comfortable. Easy to put together.

    Con: takes a lot of space.

  9. My daughter would never sleep unless she was in my arms and I was rocking her. We must have spent hundreds of dollars on baby products trying to find the one that would save my back. Finally we bit the bullet and bought a Fisher Price My Little Snuggler swing. I was skeptical as we were putting it together but also impressed with the different movements the swing offered and the variety of sounds and music I could play. I placed my daughter in the swing wide awake and turned it on just to test it out. She was instantly mesmerized with the shiny mirror mobile above her. She stared at it for at least 10 minutes when something magical began to happen…her eyes were getting heavy. She couldn’t fight it anymore and fell asleep NOT in my arms!!! That nap lasted a glorious 3 hours and I will forever love this swing for the magical powers it seems to have.

    Pros for this swing are definitely the variety of movements offered…being able to have the swing go forward and backwards or side to side is nice. The mobile is amazing…the night time music is soothing and pleasant while the daytime music is lively and catchy. The seat of the swing is so soft and seems to envelop my daughter just perfectly. The fact that I can plug in the swing and use it or run it off its battery is very helpful. There are times I need to move the swing and just can’t quite reach a plug so this feature is perfect.

    Cons: It is very big and takes up a lot of space. That’s all I have to say negatively about this swing.

    All in all this was one product that was well worth the money. It’s cute, my daughter loves it and it’s portable when needed. What more can you ask for?