Have Fun With Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

As baby bats at this Wonder wheel by Sassy, it spins easily, and multiple colored textures blend together for visual stimulation. Center spinners fascinate little fingers with patterns on one side and mirrors on the other. Perfect for high chairs, as the wheel base has a suction cup to hold it in place for baby.

This wheel keeps my baby occupied for a long time!

This is probably my daughter’s favorite toy. She is eight months old and she will sit still for long periods of time just spinning the wheel and watching the colors. This is also the best way I’ve found to keep her happy and content in the highchair if I am trying to make dinner or clean up afterwards. The best part about using this in the highchair add opposed to using a different toy is that this will suction directly onto the tray so she can’t throw it. If you’re a parent you know if the baby throws the toy and you make the mistake of picking it up for them you will be caught in a never ending game. The suction on this toy is actually surprisingly strong and my daughter can’t push it off even if she is really trying. I am also very happy that this toy had so many colors and mirrors because it does a great job of catching and retaining my little girl’s attention.

Some more great features in this Sassy Wonder Wheel.

I love the fact that there is the added little rings around the base of this wheel because a couple of times I’ve noticed that she will go to try and knock the wheel off of her tray and will instead get caught up playing with the rings. I also think that the beads in the wheel are a great idea because it helps the wheel to keep going after she pushes it so it doesn’t stop moving as soon as it otherwise would. The beads also give off a sound which she likes but it is also not too loud which I like. The last little added feature that I like is that the outer part of the wheel is a rubbery material so it is ready for my little one to grip and spin and it also won’t hurt hey hand if she tries to stop it mid-spin.

Some ways Sassy could improve this wheel.

There are some things that I don’t like as much about this wheel. One thing is not so much a con as it is something that is a good thing to know and that is that the suction will not work properly if the surface is wet. I made the mistake of suctioning it to the highchair tray while it was still damp from being wiped off and my daughter pushed this toy off of the tray so fast. Since then I have always been careful to make sure that the surface I’m suctioning this to is completely dry so that that doesn’t happen. Another thing is that I wish there was more room for the rings top move around. There is only about an inch of room between the base and the wheel so there isn’t a lot of wiggle room. I wish there was a little bit more room because my daughter is really drawn to the rings and I think she would have a lot of fun if there was more room to move them around.

A really neat toy by Sassy

My daughter really likes this toy and I definitely enjoy being able to make supper in peace so it is a win all around. I think that this is an awesome, affordable toy and I think it’s worth the money. It’s not that this is anything overly innovative or noteworthy but it’s job is to entertain and bring joy to babies and children and it definitely does it’s job. I definitely recommend this as a highchair or table toy and it’s a great option for toys you don’t have to repeatedly pick up!

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