Glide With The UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

Cruz: A compact stroller without compromise. The Cruz is a compact stroller that’s perfect for urban adventures and folds easily for the car. Designed to tackle tough sidewalks and navigate narrow store aisles, the CRUZ is a full-featured stroller at a fraction of the size.

A small, lightweight stroller

Because I live in a big city on a top floor apartment I had to be very careful when choosing the stroller I wanted to buy. I had the option of simply going with a umbrella stroller but I wanted something a little bit more fancy that had more bells and whistles. I finally decided on this one and have been very pleased with it so far. It is very lightweight so I can even take it on the stairs with my child in it and I have no problem but it is also very sturdy which is why it is much better than a simple umbrella stroller. It also has an adjustable footrest and an adjustable handle which comes in handy if my husband, who is quite tall, is pushing the stroller.

This UPPAbaby stroller is not overwhelming

While it has great features, I am not overwhelmed trying to work around a bunch of features that are supposed to be helpful but instead are just a hassle. That being said, it still has some of the most important features that a stroller can have. This includes a large storage basket that is easily accessed. Too many times I have heard people complain in stroller reviews that they can’t access the storage basket when their child is in the stroller. I have not had any problem with this happening so I am very pleased. It comes with a rain cover and a mosquito net which is convenient because that means I don’t have to go out and purchase them separately. Lastly and probably the most important, this stroller makes for a smooth ride. I have not had the problem of it wobbling or shaking in any way which I am very happy about. It is very easy to turn and maneuver and just seems to glide.

The Cruz is quite large

I did not realize when ordering this stroller how large it really was. When it is folded it takes up most of the trunk of our car which is fine unless we are shopping or something of that sort. I am not unhappy with this fact but I wish that I had paid more attention and been more prepared when purchasing this product. It is also quite large when it is not folded so I always have to make sure to fold it and store it or else it will get in the way. This stroller does not have a cupholder. This is something that I fixed by simply purchasing a clip-on cupholder and attaching that to the stroller. I do, however, wish that the UPPAbaby Cruz came equipped with one in the first place.

I’m a big fan of this stroller

After weighing the pros and cons it is clear to see that the UPPAbaby Cruz is definitely worth the money and the few small issues. It has performed exceedingly well as far as I am concerned and I am very happy with this baby buy. This stroller has made taking my daughter out in the city so much easier than if I had bought a heavier and bulkier stroller. I have and will continue to recommend this stroller to any new parent especially if you live in the city or in an apartment building because it is so easy to carry up and down stairs.

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