Go Green With Seventh Generation Baby Diapers

Everything you want in a diaper and nothing you don’t. Bottom loving, baby pleasing performance with absolutely no fragrances, latex, petroleum based lotions or chlorine processing. You’ll love the way our new, adjustable tabs give baby a soft and comfortable fit.

A more eco-friendly diaper option

I have always tried to be an eco-friendly person. I recycle, I don’t litter, I use a reusable water bottle. Needless to say when I found out how long it takes a regular disposable diaper to break down I was pretty dumbfounded. I started looking for more eco-friendly option and was actually overwhelmed with the outcome and how many eco-friendly diaper options there really are! After reading a lot of reviews I finally settled on these for a couple of reasons. First of all they had a lot of the features I wanted and didn’t have a lot of issues that would be a big problem. Secondly, they were more easily accessible to me because I do live in an average sized town and I have trouble getting some things but these can be bought at Wal-Mart. I am very pleased with my choice and I don’t think I could’ve chosen any better!

Seventh Generation has great pros!

One thing that was also really important to me was finding a diaper that was better for my little one! These are unbleached which means that they don’t have all of those nasty chemicals that are used to bleach regular diapers. They also don’t have any irritating fragrances, lotions, or latex which is important in protecting baby’s sensitive skin! These diapers have a comfortable fit and do a really great job conforming to my daughter’s body and keeping everything inside. The tabs are nice and long so they stay on really well despite movement. These specific diapers are also less bulky because they are thin so it is easier to put pants on her and have them fit properly. The thinness does not seem to affect the absorbency of the diapers at all!

These diapers are a little on the small side

I have definitely noticed that these run a little on the small side. My daughter has grown out of these before she even comes close to the weight on the box. I don’t see this as a deal breaker necessarily but I really would like to see them make the weights a little bit more accurate just to avoid any confusion. They also tend to sag very easily when they have been wetted. They don’t leak but they just get a lot bulgier. This is probably because of the thinness and I don’t think they are a deal breaker but sometimes I do worry that they are getting in my little girls way! My last little con I would like to mention is the fact that they are pricier than a lot of other diapers you will find. There is about a ten dollar difference between these and Huggies or Pampers . At that point it is just a choice between what is more important to you; being eco-friendly or saving money.

Seventh Generation nailed it!

I am very happy with these diapers and I think that they do a really great job at combining convenience and being green into one awesome diaper. Since discovering these, I have not bought any other diapers and I really don’t plan to anytime in the foreseeable future. I will most likely be using these until my daughter is out of diapers and then again for the next one barring complications. I highly recommend these diapers to anyone who wants to be eco-friendly while still maintaining their sanity!

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