Go Natural With 100% Organic Cotton Swaddle Blanket & Stroller Clip Set

They are made from the finest quality organic, non-GMO cotton and are triple washed before being packaged. You’ll notice the difference the moment you touch them! Additionally, the fabric will soften even more with each wash so the comfort only increases as time passes! Unlike most swaddles you’ll find on the market, ours come with two sets of swaddle clips! These clips are used help Mom and Dad keep the blanket attached to the stroller when out and about. When using your swaddle as a blanket to keep baby warm, you can now more effectively do so by clipping the blanket to the stroller so it isn’t easily kicked off. Additionally, for babies and toddlers alike, these clips come in handy when your little one is napping in the stroller. Drape the swaddle blanket over the stroller hood and clip it into place using these clips and you have a nap friendly environment when you are out! Great for trips to the zoo, amusement parks, the mall or anywhere else where your little one might need a little safe space, free of the lights and stimulation of their environment.

A very unique set

This swaddle blanket and stroller clip set really intrigued me because I have never really seen anything that is quite like this on the market. I bought it right away and basically what it is is there is a blanket and two corresponding clips. The clips can attach the blanket to the stroller so that you’re not dealing with the pesky problem of constantly having to pick the blanket up off the floor after your child kicks or pulls it off. I think this is a genius idea and I don’t know why someone didn’t think of it sooner. It keeps the blanket clean and the child warm and I absolutely love them for my baby girl. She is a really squirmy child and has the tendency to knock any blanket I put on her right off. This meant that we would go through multiple blankets in one shopping trip and end up with a lot of laundry to do. That doesn’t happen anymore which I am very happy about.

Cute, thin blankets

I love these blankets because they have the most adorable colors and patterns and the clips are such bright, vibrant colors. It makes my stroller look really cute and cheerful when they are hooked onto it. I also love how thin they are especially because it is summer and where I live it is extremely warm. I like still being able to put a cover on her while she stays nice and cool. This is the same reason I liked the last muslin blankets I owned but those did not come with clips.

These blankets are absolutely perfect

I tried to think about a single thing that I disliked about this set and I could not think of anything. I tried looking online to see what other people thought to refresh my memory and it seems like most people have the same opinion as I do. I wouldn’t change a thing. These blankets are perfect in everything from the size to the color to the soft material. I have absolutely nothing negative to say.

A great blanket and clip set

As I mentioned above, these are virtually flawless. I love them so much and I am so glad that someone thought up this idea and put it out on the market. It really does make life so much easier and lightens my laundry load immensely. Anytime I have a baby shower to go to this is the gift I bring because I am positive that this is a universal gift that every mother can use. The color of these have not faded at all and I haven’t had any problem with holes or bare spots. I have washed these on a normal cycle with baby soap and that gets them perfectly clean. They really have held up remarkably well and I am impressed. I will definitely repurchase this set if I need to and it is definitely number one on my list of recommended baby products.

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