Go Natural With Playtex Drop-Ins BPA-Free Bottle Liners for Playtex Nurser Bottles

Liners contract like the breast, preventing air from entering the system, so you can see baby gets just milk and no air. Bottle preparation is easy. Just place a pre sterilized liner into the bottle and fill, and then spend more quality time with baby. And it doesn’t hurt that cleanup is easy, too. See why the experts love it, too. All Playtex products are BPA free.

A more natural way to bottle feed

The entire idea behind this bottle drop-in is that it acts more like a breast in the way that it collapses while the baby drinks. This results in the baby getting less air in the bottle and being overall less gassy. This is definitely a big win especially if you have a colicky baby! It works beautifully and really does do the best job I have ever seen keeping the bubbles out! I haven’t had as much problems with upset her upset tummy since using this. I also love that I can pump straight from my Medela pump  into this bag because it makes life a lot easier on me. It means that I don’t have to do so many dishes.

Drop-ins make feeding quick and easy

I have definitely noticed that these maximize our efficiency by a lot and make a big difference when it comes to feeding frustrations. The fact that these are disposable bags means that they don’t have to be washed and that removes a lot of the time-consuming portion of it. They also are so fast to prepare the bottle with because I can just pop it into the bottle already full of breast milk and be ready to go. I have never had these liners leak or break open and I have been using them for months now. They seem to hold up remarkably well compared to the generic brand which I used before I purchased these.

The measurements aren’t accurate with these nurser liners

One thing that I have found a little bit troublesome is that the measurements in the liners are not accurate. I discovered this one day because I had pumped into a bottle and frozen it when I had run out of these liners. After I purchased more I thawed that breast milk and put it into the bottle. In the bottle it clearly read 6-ounces of breast milk but when it was poured into the liner it was at the 7-ounce line. Now that I know I can be careful to measure it an ounce above how much I want it to be in reality. However I would love to see the company make the proper changes and fix the measurements on these bags. And a second complaint about the measurements is that they are not colored and they are only raised plastic. This makes it extremely difficult to read the numbers while pouring breast milk. This is another thing I would love to see fixed.

Great bottle liners!

I think that these are a really great option for bottle liners. As I mentioned previously, I much prefer these to any of the generic brands because it is just better if I am being honest! I feel like you get what you pay for when it comes to these and I am willing to spend a little more especially to avoid liquid gold leaking! I have repurchased these multiple times and have not been disappointed yet. I highly recommend checking these out whether your goal is to save time or to reduce gassiness!

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