Go Places With Kidsy Car Seat Travel Bag

Now you can finally travel conveniently, while also protecting your baby’s car seat from germs, dirt and other bacteria. Kidsy’s premium quality gate check bag is the go-to accessory for parents who travel often or those of you who are getting ready for a family trip! Our mission at Kidsy is to innovate. As a result, we have developed a premier car seat travel bag designed to offer PHENOMENAL convenience, keep your baby’s car seat clean and protect it from damage and dirt.


Perfect for travel

I bought this for a trip to my parents. I had found it quite stressful on previous trips to try to carry a car seat through the airport because it was very bulky and awkward and mostly just got in the way. I thought maybe this would do a good job of alleviating some of that stress. I do think that this makes a difference. It fits my large Britax car seat with room to spare and makes carrying it a lot easier. The backpack style straps mean that the weight is evenly distributed and doesn’t feel like quite as much. The tough materials are tear-resistant which is proved by my heavy car seat paired with consistent use not even putting a dent in this.

A bag with a lot of features

One thing that I really appreciate about this bag is how easy it is to store. When we get to my parent’s house I don’t want to leave this bag lying around. Fortunately, it folds up into a conveniently small size and fits perfectly into my purse or diaper bag. The bag also has a handle on the top of it to hold when you are not wearing it as a backpack. I like this because my shoulders can get sore when wearing it as a backpack so it is nice to have the option to take a break while still having a convenient way to carry it. One of the best features that this bag has is the window to put a card with your information on it. This is amazing for airports so that if your luggage gets lost you are able to get it back.

The drawstring on this Kidsy bag could be improved

I wish that this bag had a zipper closure as opposed to a drawstring closure. This is because the drawstring can only tighten so much before it maxes out. I usually end up with a hole the size of a pop can in the top. I always worry that my car seat will get dirty or rained on or something like that. I definitely hope to see them add a zipper instead in the future. This bag did not come with care instructions. I would have liked to know how to properly take care of this bag in order to keep it in peak condition. I have come to the conclusion that it is most likely supposed to be wiped clean judging by the canvas-like material. I would also like to see them add care instructions as well.

Kidsy improved my traveling experience

I definitely think that this is a great product for traveling with kids. It means one less thing that you are going to have to juggle while carrying a baby or chasing a toddler. I really enjoy using this and not having to try to keep hold of a bulky car seat in a crowded airport. I think that I would repurchase this if need be simply for the small problem it solves for me. I highly recommend this bag especially if you’re a frequent flyer.

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