Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat

Graco’s top-rated Backless TurboBooster Car Seat helps keep your big kid safe in the car. This backless booster seat is built for comfort with a padded seat and height-adjustable armrests. It’s a terrific option to help protect older children and kids who are ready to transition out of a harness booster, but not yet ready to ride with just your vehicle’s seat belt. The Backless TurboBooster car seat is designed to protect children ages 4 to 10 who are between 40 and 100 pounds and 40 to 57 inches tall. Dual, hideaway cup holders are just right for holding your child’s cups or water bottles, so that they’ve got just what they need for a comfortable ride in the car with you. After all, a comfortable passenger is a happy passenger. When you’re ready to clean your deluxe, padded seat cushion, simply remove it and wash it in your washing machine with gentle detergent. Then, all plastic parts of the seat may be cleaned with mild soap and water. The Backless TurboBooster seat has been engineered and rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed all applicable US standards.

A great transition seat

I bought this seat as a transition seat between moving my son from his Evenflo car seat that has a five-point harness to a regular seat in the back of my mini van. Because he was still under one hundred pounds I was not comfortable putting him in a regular lap-shoulder belt so this is exactly what I needed. This seat is great for the exact situation I am in. It has two cupholders so that they can have their very own drinks right beside them which my son loves but they can also be hidden when they are not in use which helps to keep them at least semi clean. It also has two arm rests which is nice especially for long car rides so that his arms and shoulders don’t start to ache. It is a super lightweight booster seat so it is easy to take out of the car and put back in. and you basically just clip it in and you’re ready to go.

A great booster seat for traveling

This booster seat is fabulous for traveling because it is lightweight and compact. A few months ago we flew to see my mom and took this on the plane to Arizona and it was so easy we just unbuckled it from our car and buckled it in to the plane seat. The seat itself also comes out far enough that my son’s long legs fit on it just fine so he has never complained about that like he used to with his previous car seat. There is a clip on this seat that keeps the seat belt off of my child’s neck which I really like. Before I noticed this feature I had it set up without it and he kept complaining that it was hurting his neck. Now I don’t hear a single complaint.

The TurboBooster could use more padding

One thing that I have noticed about this booster seat is that it is not overly padded. It has a thin lining on the seat of it but after pushing down on it I noticed that it doesn’t really do much for the seat. That being said, I haven’t heard a complaint from my son even after a long plane ride so it must not be that terrible to sit in. It is just something to consider when making a purchase whether or not this will bother you or your child. It is also larger than expected so I am not sure if I believe that it would work for a kid that is forty pounds. This would be a judgement call on your part depending on how small or large your child is at forty pounds and what you are comfortable with.

Another great Graco product

I really like this product and it works really well for me and my family. I am not sure how long my son will use this for and I am sure it will not be too long but I am glad that we have something good quality to use even for just a short amount of time. My son likes this booster and calls it his “big boy seat” so I can definitely say that he gives it a five star rating. I highly recommend this seat to anyone who is in the transition stage between car seat and no car seat. It is one of the best options for booster seats out there.

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