Pack N Play Playard with Automatic Folding Feet

When your little one needs a place to nap or play right away, there’s no more convenient solution than our Pack N Play Playard. Its durable frame makes it perfectly suited for travel. The signature Graco push-button fold allows you to break it down in seconds, and the automatically folding feet and wheels make it amazingly compact when folded. At home or away, your young one will have sweet dreams and comfy surroundings.

I bought this Pack N Play Playard because, even though I had decided I wanted to co-sleep with my son, I wanted something that he could nap in during the day. I didn’t want to spend the money and buy an expensive crib that he was only going to use a small majority of the time so I ordered this instead. I got it and put it together and it was super cute and went really well with my decor. It was also super easy to put up because all you have to do is snap all of the pieces into place and you don’t have to worry about screws or anything like that.

The bassinet insert made it really easy to put him down when he was a small baby because it wasn’t so far down into the playard. We used it until he was five months old. After that I started also letting him play in there and it really came in handy when I wanted to clean up or cook to just put him in there with some toys and let him entertain himself. I also like that the mesh sides prevent suffocation if he rolls into them.

I wish that it was easier to clean. I put a sheet on the pad so that if his diaper leaks or he spits up it doesn’t get everywhere but if a little mess does get on something then the most I can do to get rid of it is wipe it down with a wet cloth. This seems to clean it up well but it would be nice if there was a slipcover or something. The pad that comes with it is very flimsy and thin. I did not think that it was comfortable enough to let my baby nap in so I ordered a replacement mattress and that fixed the problem. If you don’t want to order the mattress you can always pad it with blankets.

This Pack N Play Playard has been a really nice convenience to have and I like the fact that it will last me until he’s into his toddler years. I will most likely hold onto this for my next baby and use it again because it has lasted remarkably well. I highly recommend this Playard to any parent. Even if it seems like kind of a waste of money now it will pay itself off in the long run.

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  1. I bought this pack N play playard and love it the. The bassinet insert made my life easier don’t have to reach at the bottom to put my new born to sleep. So easy to pack N go and it’s light. As we do a lot of camping this pack N play has been the best. My son sleep better in it then his own bassinet.

  2. We actually have two of these in our house. One upstairs in our room and one downstairs. We bought one with the changing pad and bouncer attachment and it’s perfect for when baby is still new. We also found one at buy buy baby for $39 and couldn’t pass it up. It’s the basic model that just comes with bassinet attachment and little arch with toys. These are such a good option for naps and for baby to sleep in while you still want them close enough. We plan on keeping our little one in our room for awhile and the pack n play is perfect!

  3. Honestly, I did not want to purchase one of these pack n plays since I had decided along with my husband that we were going to co-sleep, I was so very glad we ended up putting it on our registry. Since my daughter was born very small, sleeping with her in a full size bed with my husband scared me so we started putting her in the pack n play and let me tell you, she loves it. Now that she’s a bit bigger and its warming up, I lay her on the actual bed part and she sleeps great now. I love the fact that it’s also very portable since we moves a month after her birth from Los Angeles to San Jose. I totally recommend this pack n play for anyone, period. Whether you want to co-sleep or not, this comes in very handy.

  4. After reading and comparing products I decided to purchase this pack n play. Originally I had thought a play pen would be a waste of money because I prefer my baby to have more space to move around when playing and I already had a basenette for sleeping when she was little and a crib to transition her to after that, however hubby said we needed one. I am thankful now that he convinced me to get it as it has gotten so much use in just 6 short months. At first we set it up on the main floor as the crib and basenette were upstairs and I used the change table attachment to avoid going up and down the stairs constantly. She also napped in it with the “floor” in the upper position during the day so I could keep an eye on her instead of napping upstairs. Once she outgrew the basenette that she slept in at night we moved the pack n play to our room and she slept in that for a few months. Now that she is sleeping in her crib, I have the pack n play in her room and use it for diaper changing, getting dressed and a safe place for her to play when i need a minute to do something.

    What I love…
    So easy to put together, fold down and move. Ours has been moved to different rooms in the house and I can do it myself quickly with no fuss.

    Everything snaps tightly into place so I feel that it is safe and secure. No wobbling or loose spaces.

    Multi use item

    Durable and light weight

    What I don’t love….
    The cover materials on the “floor” piece are hard to clean. I have wiped it down with a wet cloth but it still doesn’t come completely clean. I sprayed it with the hose. This worked a little better.

    The material is not soft/ smooth. The surface is kind of rough feeling. This is actually the reason that we moved the crib into our room instead of continuing with the pack n play for sleeping. When baby moves around in the pack n play it sounded rough on her skin and felt rough on my own skin. This could be fixed if they had a fitted sheet type cover available for it.

    Over all a great product that I get a lot of use out of.