Grow Close With Boba Baby Wrap

Meet the baby wrap that’s literally built to roam. From birth to around 18 months, nothing takes you farther than the essential Boba Wrap. It’s free of buckles, straps and snaps and ties up into the perfect fit every time-just a couple of practice runs with our wrap instructions and you’ll be a total pro. Now you too can fall in love with the wrap-style carrier that lets you wander the world with baby in tow-your voice and heartbeat soothing every step along the way.

The comfiest baby wrap I have ever worn!

I have tried multiple other baby carriers and none of them seem to work for me. I broke my back years ago and all of them seemed to strain it a lot when they were worn for more than ten or twenty minutes at a time. I finally decided to spend the extra money and buy this one to try and see if it worked for me. I am so happy that I did because this wrap has turned out to be a godsend! It doesn’t strain my back at all and that’s probably because the weight of the baby is so evenly distributed all over the span of my back. Before I had this it was hard for me to lift my son without being seated or carry him for too long. I don’t seem to have any issue now that I wear this. I can even have him close to me while I am cooking or cleaning.

The perfect way for a plus sized mama to carry her baby

I am a plus sized woman which makes it hard to find a baby carrier that fits me properly. This wrap is perfect for that and it even goes above and beyond by being so comfortable. Other carriers may fit but they always pinch in one way or another. I also love that this can be used the minute you get home from the hospital even if you have a preemie like I did! He is held nice and tight against my body and doesn’t get lost inside a massive pile of fabric. I can even breastfeed in this wrap which is a huge bonus especially when we are out and about. It makes it a lot easier and gives him the feeling of being swaddled while still being close to me. The feeling of being swaddled is calming to him in and of itself as well.

The Boba takes a while to get used to.

When I first got this it took a while to figure out how to get it on even with the help of instructions and a YouTube video. It is more complicated than any other baby carrier I have tried. This isn’t a deal breaker as far as I am concerned but it is something to keep in mind if you don’t have a lot of patience. Now that I know how to do it and I have had a bit of practice, the process comes very naturally for me and I can do it in just a few seconds. I also want to mention the heat aspect of this wrap. Because it is a cotton wrap it isn’t as breathable as one of the carriers with the mesh panels. It is great in the fall, spring, and winter but it can be a bit warm in the summer. This is not something that I feel like could be fixed because if they made it more breathable they would have to sacrifice the stretchiness or structural integrity. However, I still think that it is worth mentioning.

Everyone needs a Boba

I honestly feel like a Boba wrap is an essential in every mother’s artillery. It makes everyday tasks with a newborn so easy you won’t even know they’re there. My son loves to sleep in this wrap and I love the fact that I get all these extra cuddles with him that I would not get otherwise. I have bought this as a gift for mothers at every baby shower I have attended since owning it. It is definitely a popular gift ad anyone I have bought this for has absolutely loved it. If you are in the market for a baby carrier I definitely recommend this one!

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