Grow With The DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail

Kalani is cool and confident. It’s Davinci at its best. With first class engineering, the Kalani Collection gives you a lifetime of style. It’s Cool. It’s Kalani. At DaVinci, we build not just clean, non-toxic nurseries but green, non-toxic worlds. That’s why environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are DaVinci family values. Each stylish collection is constructed from New Zealand Pine grown in sustainable forests. Built with non-toxic finishes for perfect safety and reliability, DaVinci collections are also shipped smart to reduce our carbon footprint. So take a deep breath and know that the DaVinci choice is the best choice all around — for baby’s inside places and baby’s outside spaces.

This crib is sturdy and safe

I love the fact that this crib feels like it will hold up through anything. After setting it up I shook the rail to see if it was strong or if it would be dangerous once my son got to the age where he pulled himself up on it and it seemed extremely sturdy. My husband thinks that it is really funny to climb into the crib and cuddle with the baby and we have not had anything break even after he does that. Putting it together took a good chunk of time but this was made easier by the instructions being very clear and concise. I generally have a hard time following along with instructions but it was not hard at all the way these are written.

The Kalani is gorgeous

I love the dark brown of this crib as well and I think it really adds a beautiful focal point to the room. It also looks gorgeous with her Little Bedding crib sheet It has really nice legs with a geometric design on the feet which I think is a really nice detail. I am really happy that the bars are so close together and my son can’t get his arm or leg stuck in between bars while he is asleep and possibly hurt himself. Lastly, my favorite part of the design is how tall the sides are. I am glad that I will not have to worry about my son climbing out of this crib even as he gets older.

DaVinci could improve

As much as I love this product it does have it’s flaws. One of the flaws that are most apparent to me is the fact that it scratches quite easily. This was almost a deal breaker for me because I wanted it to continue to look nice until my child grew out of it and with all of the scratches it looked very old and beat up. My husband went and bought a finish from the hardware store and painted that overtop and it does not scratch off. I am extremely happy that this was such a simple fix so that I can continue to use this crib but I hope that DaVinci fixes this error in the future. Another thing that is not ideal is how long it took to put this together. As I mentioned before it did take a large chunk of my day but, again, the process was made easier because of the very clear instructions. I don’t think that this is a problem that could be fixed without compromising the integrity of the crib but it is just something to keep in mind if you are considering purchasing this crib.

A great 4-in-1 convertible crib

I am so thankful for this crib because it really has everything I need. It is sturdy, stylish, and simple which makes it the perfect addition to my son’s nursery. I love almost everything about this crib and I will definitely be using this until my son grows out of it. It will be quite a long time before he grows out of it which also saves me money in the long run. I am excited to see how it works with a toddler and possibly even use it for future children as it has held up remarkably well. I highly recommend this crib to anyone in the market for one as long as you don’t mind adding a coat of finish.

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  1. The Davinci Kalani convertible crib was the best buy we made in preparation for our daughter. We searched for several months in the stores around us, going to about 20 different furniture stores before we found this one on line. We were looking for a black finish, if our daughter is anything like me white wouldn’t last because there would be doodles all over it! 🙂 The other black finish cribs we found were either not convertible or super super expensive! So on a hint from a friend we went on to Amazon and found this crib and the dressers that go along with it. We decided why not try it and see if we liked it. My husband an engineer worried about it being made from low grade materials and I worried that it would be super difficult to put together. Using our Amazon Prime account, free shipping on what would be a very large box, we got it within a few days. When we finally got her room cleaned out and we were able to start putting it together we were both pleasantly surprised at the quality of the crib and the ease at which it took to put it together! We could not be happier about our choice in cribs!