Grow With Disney APT Convertible Car Seat

Our adorable Mouseketeer Minnie fashion will have your little mouse riding in style. The mouse-ear headrest keeps heads extra cozy, and the subtle, sweet silhouettes in the premium pink fabric help make every ride both extra comfortable and fun. Minnie’s signature adds a special touch that completes the seat perfectly!

An adorable car seat for any pink-loving girl

This car seat mixes the two things that my three year old daughter is most obsessed with: Minnie Mouse and the color pink. When I saw this car seat I had no choice but to get it for her because I knew right away that she would absolutely love it and I was right. Her favorite part is definitely the Minnie headrest with the bow and my favorite part has to be how easy it is to install in my car. It is not one of those car seats that you have to spend hours installing which I am extremely happy about because no one has time for all that.

Love the safety of this convertible car seat

A really great feature that this car seat has is that it is able to rear face until forty pounds. Doctors recommend that children are rear facing in the car until at least forty pounds so this is really great. It means that I don’t have to purchase a separate car seat until she is forty pounds just so that she can be safely secured and in the right position in my car. I also really like that it has two good-sized cupholders because some of the other car seats I have seen have one or none. Two cupholders is really great because I like to take her sippy cup full of water wherever we go but sometimes she wants a sippy cup of juice as well. This makes it just that little bit easier to appease her.

The APT is very bulky

While I love this car seat for the way it looks and how easy it is to install I can still see that it does have some faults. One of these is that fact that it is extremely bulky and it takes up a good amount of the back seat of my car. That being said it is also super lightweight so that doesn’t affect me carrying it or anything of that sort it just means that I can’t put more than one person in the back while this seat is in or else they will feel very cramped and uncomfortable. Because it is just me and my daughter this is not an issue for me but if you need to be able to fill your car to capacity it is definitely something to keep in mind.

Cute, affordable, easy to use car seat

After laying everything out and looking at the pros versus the cons of this product I really think that it is worth the money. It is pretty affordable so you are not spending big bucks on a car seat that has a few flaws but it also has very minimal flaws and does its job well. I like how it looks and of course so does my daughter. It does a great job of mixing fun and function to make a really nice car seat. I would highly recommend this car seat if you are looking for one, especially if your daughter loves pink as much as mine does.

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