Grow Up With Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

It starts out as an infant seat or rocker with bat-at entertainment overhead. Then, as your child grows, you can easily remove the toy bar and convert it to a toddler rocker, for children up to 40 pound.

A soothing rocker for a fussy baby

My daughter never liked swinging and that made it difficult to put her down. She wanted to be held pretty much constantly which meant that I was not able to do things like shower or make food. Finally, a friend recommended I try this out and it has worked wonders. This rocker has four different head elevations which means that it can be used while she naps or right after she has eaten because the highest elevation will prevent her spitting up. She also found the vibration very soothing and it was always the easiest and fastest way to put her to sleep.

Fun for infants and toddlers

I really like the toys that hang above the baby’s head. Now that my daughter is not a newborn she has become more interested in playing with them and trying to reach them and the fun shapes and colors really catch her attention. I am sure that when she becomes a toddler it will be just as fun for her. I like that the seat cover is removable and machine washable because it makes my job a lot easier. More than once we have had a diaper mishap or a spit up incident and I am sure the older she gets the messier she will be so this is a great feature to have. This rocker also has a lock that will keep the chair from rocking or moving around too much which is not necessary at the age that my daughter is right now but will come in handy when she is older.

A couple flaws in this Fisher Price chair

Something that is not ideal is the assembly of this rocker. It took me a while to get this chair set up and I did have to use a screwdriver. This is not necessarily a terrible thing but it is slightly inconvenient. I wish that the set-up was simpler but I also think that it might tie into how sturdy this chair seems to be. I also wish that this chair played some sort of music. Our old swing had a couple different songs that it would play and if my daughter had liked swinging at all we would have kept that. If Fisher Price added some music to this chair it would have been perfect for my little girl. However, I just put a noise machine that had a few songs as well as white noise and nature sounds beside the chair and that seems to have solved the music problem for me.

Perfect for the infant that hates swinging

Honestly, I wouldn’t trade this rocker for any bouncy chair or swing in the world. It works really well and, even though it is missing a few things, it seems to work very well for my family. I also love that it is going to last until she is a toddler and will still work for her until she is forty pounds. I would definitely repurchase this chair if I needed to and would not think twice about it. I highly recommend checking this chair out if your child doesn’t like swinging. It is a huge help for those fussy days.

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  1. My little one loves this rocker. The vibration helps sooth her if she is a little fussy and being just two months old she is learning to rock. At a month old she didn’t like the toy bar but as of this week she has showed interest in it. Great product for the money and excited that it grows with the child.