Grow Up With Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing

Watch your child have lots of fun on our new and improved Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing! Child fits snugly and securely in this easy loading comfortable swing. This infant to toddler swing features a weather resistant rope and an easy to clean seat. Fresh new color looks great in any backyard and minimal adult assembly required. The Step2 Company is a family company with toy brands including Step2 , Infantino , and Thinkativity that foster learning and development through creative play in children from birth to school-age years. Step2 designs and produces new toys that receive recognition every year for their durability, creative play value, and fun designs. The Step2 Company not only designs and produces innovative toys, it also provides parents and child care professionals access to learn and share information about the importance of creative play.

A super safe swing

I have two young children that are about a year apart and I wanted a swing that they can both use. I saw a couple of different options but every single one had something that was wrong with it. One of them tended to tip, the other one didn’t close properly and so on and so forth. I finally came across this one and it seemed to have pretty good reviews. I bought it and I really do like it. It feels very sturdy and safe. It was fairly easy to set up and hasn’t needed to be adjusted or anything so far. The harness fits really snug even on my nine month old son and isn’t too tight on my almost two year old. I love that that it is a good fit because sometimes my older son likes to push his little brother and can go a little overboard.

A comfortable fit for infants and toddlers

I love that this seems like it is made for both of my sons. It is designed perfectly so that, even though it is made of hard plastic, it seems quite comfortable due to the slope and the shape of the chair itself. It is super easy to clean because it is just plastic it can just be wiped down with a disinfectant wipe and it is good as new. The seat doesn’t seem to have any sun damage or sun-bleached spots on it which I am very happy about. We left my son’s wagon out in the sun for a couple of days and it bleached it so I am happy to see this swing retain it’s vibrancy.

Step2 comes up short

I do wish that the rope that came along with this swing was a little bit longer. I had a little trouble getting my boys in and out of the swing with the rope provided because I am quite small and it was uncomfortable high off the ground. I fixed this by buying some chain and using that as an extender. This worked out phenomenally. I also noticed that the belt used to secure the child is a little bit difficult to open. This honestly does not bother me because I feel like it is due to it being so secure but if it would bother you I would remember before buying. And my last issue is that there is no way to remove the big plastic piece in the front. I don’t need to right now because my kids are still little but when they are older I would like the option.

A great swing for babies and toddlers

I really like this swing. It has it’s flaws but they are easy to look past and nothing that ruins this swing for me. I think that this is an especially great option if you have kids in varying ages of infancy and toddlerhood because it offers a way to please all of them at once. I will definitely be using this for many summers and will most likely repurchase if need be. I highly recommend this swing. It is a definite backyard must-have!

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