Ingenuity Convertme Swing-2-Seat

Soothe and delight your little one on the go with the innovative and smart ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat! EasyLock technology allows mom to switch from swing to vibrating seat with ease and the Slimfold design ensures it folds flat for stress-free storage and travel. Baby will love listening to the eight melodies and nature sounds and five swings speeds ensure a natural rhythm. The pivoting bar features 2 plush toys and 3 additional loops for entertaining baby anywhere. This portable, convertible swing features neutral, modern fashions and deluxe features that make life easier for mom and relaxing for baby!

A nice, small swing.

I live in a very small, two-room apartment with my baby. This means that with the very limited space we have I don’t have a place to store a huge swing. This swing has been perfect for me because it is so small and compact even when it is set up. When it is not in use I can fold it up and make it even smaller to conserve a bigger amount of space. My son loves it too which is the main thing I look for in all the things that I buy for him. He will lay there for a long time and watch the elephants on the leaf swing around. The seat of the swing is made of a very soft material and it never irritates his skin which is a really big bonus with his ultra-sensitive skin . I love the pattern on it because elephants are kind of the theme for his entire nursery and the colors are very neutral and not overpowering to the entire room. This swing is also easy to move around from room to room and set up wherever I need it. This comes in handy if I have to get ready in the bathroom or make dinner in the kitchen.

Convertme has great features!

I love that this swing has so many song options so it doesn’t get too old too quickly. It also has different speed options which really comes in handy depending on my little one’s fussiness or sleepiness levels. I also find the option to lock the seat super helpful. This means that I can lock it after my son falls asleep so that I can watch him and let him nap and he won’t get jostled around. The thing that I was most surprised by and also very pleased with is how quiet the swing itself is. If the music is not on it makes no noise whatsoever which is a really big bonus when you are trying to soothe a baby or get him to sleep.

A couple of ways that Ingenuity could improve this swing

I do have a couple of things that I don’t love about this swing. The first thing is that this swing has no option to be plugged in which means that it runs solely on batteries. I would prefer a swing with the option to be plugged in. However, because there is a magnet in the base it saves a lot of batteries because it takes over once the swing starts up. I also think that the straps could use some work because they are a little hard and tend to be too stiff for my liking. They are also all buckled under a big flap of fabric with the design on it. This means that you have to flip the flap up to unbuckle and when the baby is really young is is in their face when you go to open it. It also makes a lot of noise because of the velcro which makes it hard to get a sleeping baby out of it without waking him up!

An awesome, affordable swing.

I think that this is a great option for a small, affordable swing if that is what you want and need. It is cute and functions really well! However, if you have the space and the budget for one I think that one of the bigger ones may make a better investment. Despite that I do really like this swing and I think that it makes a cute addition to my home and my son loves it. It will always soothe him without a doubt which is the main reason for having a swing. I highly recommend this one if you are short on funds or space because it is a really great option!

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