Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath

Dreamland awaits. Johnson’s baby bedtime bath is formulated with Natural calm essences – a special blend of calming aromas. Use this gentle cleanser for your baby’s nighttime bath as part of a 3-step nightly routine to help her sleep better. A nightly routine that includes a warm bath using Johnson’s Bedtime Bath, followed by a massage with Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion, and quiet time, is clinically proven to help babies fall asleep easier and sleep through the night better. Visit our Baby Care section of the site to learn more about developing a healthy nightly routine.

I have used this baby bedtime bath for my son since he started wanting to play in his baths. I thought that bubbles were a fun sensory thing to play with and the part where it helps him sleep was definitely an added bonus. I used this for the first time and I was shocked at the fact that he just fell right to sleep after his bath. He has never done that before and I fully contribute it to the bubble bath.

It has a light minty scent but it’s not extremely overpowering which I like. I have used this in my own bath when I had trouble sleeping and it definitely had a calming effect on me and relaxed my muscles. I use this every night and even more often when my son is sick because if he can get rest he usually feels a lot better and that really helps with sleep as well as clearing out his drippy nose.

Unfortunately, with my little guy splashing in the water the bubbles tend to fade throughout the course of his bath and I end up needing to add more wash in order to get more bubbles. It doesn’t use much wash to get a lot of bubbles in the first place so a bottle still lasts a long time but I end up needing to rinse my son off after his bath when he demands more bubbles.

I will definitely be repurchasing this baby bedtime bath as long as I am in charge of bathing my son. It is a great little trick to get my son to sleep early and well. The effects don’t seem to wear off no matter how many times I use it. It is very affordable but I would honestly buy it even if it were more expensive. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. I highly recommend this product for your children and yourself.

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  1. I absolutely love this product! I use it on my daughter and now my newborn son. Not only is the formula gentle enough for a newborn’s delicate skin, it also smells amazing! I use this every night in the kids bedtime bath. It’s so soothing and they fall right to sleep. Great product!

  2. I liked this product had great things to say with my first child but as I’m pregnant again and all the media coverage with these products being related to types of sickness don’t think I’ll use it again

  3. I used this with my daughter and will be using it again when my son is born. I love it. It works really well calming and soothing the baby in the bath and afterwards for a nice sleep.

  4. This soap is amaxing and wonderful. I love this soap. It is the only soap i use on my son. It is gentle on his skin and doesn’t dry his skin out like other soaps. It gelps he calm down if he is having a rough day. It also helps hin sleep better at night sometimes.

  5. Absolutely love it! Calms my daughter right down! From the aroma and she doesn’t take long to fall asleep! I even use it on my hands, they get so dry and cracked so when I put the lotion on my daughter I put a little on my hands as well! I absolutely love the smell of it and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily.

  6. This baby soap is the most amazing stuff ever! Seriously, I just want to take a bath in it myself. My son loves bathtime and this is the only product we’ve tried that helps with his dry flakey skin at all. And it’s the best smell, after he has a bath all I want to do is curl up with him, snuggle, and smell him.

    It makes great bubbles as well which my 4 month old loves to try to eat.

  7. Top of my list of must have baby products. I used it for my 2 older boys and now I’m using it on my newborn. I also use it with the lotion and the combination definitely relaxes me.

  8. I used this products on both my kids an my oldest is 5 now an use it in him an my daughter who 1 an she loves it I even use the Lotion’s it the most amazing product ever my kids love it my 1 year old would make bubbles with it she loves bath time it helps with her cradle cap in her her head an it also calms my daughter down for the nite an I even use it to

  9. I absolutely love all Johnson & Johnsons products, but the bedtime bath is my favorite. My daughter suffers from eczema and has sensitive skin. The bedtime bath set works wonders for her skin, as well as, helps calm her before bed. I plan to use this product again with my son once here arrives.

  10. Love the Johnson bed time bath ! I use all the products. They make my son smell so nice and it relaxes him so well he just falls asleep afterwards. Makes him soft and squeeky clean! I highly recommend (:

  11. I really love this product from the Johnson range. I used it for my 5 year daughter and am using it now for my 7 month son. I always love how he smells after bathing him and the next day he still has the fresh bath smell.

  12. I have always loved this product. The soothing lavender and the silky texture is gentle on baby as well as mom. Perfect for children of all ages at bath time, this product has been my “old faithful” and will continue to be, even using myself, for that late night soothing bath and baby smooth skin. I recommend anyone and everyone to try this, you’ll be glad you did.

  13. The Johnson’s bedtime baby wash is a must have for any mom especially if the little one isn’t sleeping as well as they could. The first time I used it my son slept for his first ever 5hr stretch. It scared the crap out of me because I thought something happened and ran to check on him only to find him peacefully sleeping. I owe a big thank you to the soothing aromas of this bedtime wash for giving this mom back some sleep. Goodbye mombie, hello well rested new mom. I definitely recommend this product to any home. The only con is the uproar over the products previous formula containing formaldehyde, a cancer causing agent. However, Johnson & Johnson has since reformulated their products to fix this product.

  14. My eldest son is 3 years old and I received this as a gift. I fell in love with the scent, and the calming effect it had on my son. I later added the matching lotion which just made my son so much calmer after is bathtime. Now I have a 1 month old son and I am still using this product for both my sons. I refuse to use anything else

  15. love this product! we use it a night before bed time. i love the way it smells on baby and he likes the way it makes him feel. i didnt believe that this product would make a difference in getting my baby to go to sleep better, but it does help!

  16. I love this product. I use it with the bedtime lotion at night after giving my son a bath. It smells great and is tear free. It worked miracles on my son’s skin when he was peeling.

  17. I love this product. I used both the body wash and lotion. It really works I would use it when my son was feeling good or just having trouble sleeping it would put him right to sleep.

  18. Im iffy on this did not sothe my daughter like most people say and my daughter also had an allergic reaction to it.i love all other johnsons products though.

  19. I’m honestly worried about trying this product due to all the recent hype in the media about the ingredients. It smells wonderful, but I’m just unsure about using it on an infant.

  20. I have used this everynight with my son since he started taking sit-in baths. I love the smell and it never dried his skin or had a problem with it.