Keep Your Cool With Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag

Keep your cool! Heading out for a long day with baby? The Double bottle bag is insulated to keep two bottles or sippy cups cold for up to four hours. It also makes a great bag for baby’s snacks!

A great multi-purpose bag

I love that this bag can be used for so many different things! I originally bought it to use to hold the breast milk that I would be pumping at work. This way I can put it in the shared refrigerator without freaking people out. It also made it a ton easier to transport it from work to home and keep it nice and fresh. However, since using this for a couple of months I have also found that it is great for if I want to take my baby out to the park or for a walk and I can put a couple of bottles in there. I can also send this with my baby if she is going over to her grandparents just to be safe. It has so many uses and I imagine I will find more as she gets older. I have even heard some people talk about putting snacks in this for toddlers so I am sure I will be able to send it to daycare with her when she gets to that age.

Grab and Go has amazing features

I love that there is a separate pocket specifically designated for the ice pack. I have had a lot of incidences where ice packs explode on me which really just ruins the milk because it has been exposed to the chemicals inside the ice pack. This way, if the ice pack explodes the milk stays safe. I also love that I can clip this to my stroller. As I mentioned above, I like taking my little one for walks and this makes taking bottles along a ton easier. This bag is also super easy to clean if the bottles leak or anything while they are in it. All I have to do is wipe it clean and I can even throw it in the washing machine if I need to and then just hang it to dry.

This bag doesn’t match the diaper bag.

The main complaint I have about this bag is the fact that it doesn’t match the diaper bag that I also bought from Skip Hop . The diaper bag is a white and grey chevron and this one looked like the exact same color but side by side with the diaper bag you can definitely see that this has a way pinkier toned white which I don’t absolutely love. Of course they never said that this was supposed to match the diaper bag so it is not necessarily their fault but definitely keep it in mind if you are thinking about buying this to go with the diaper bag. Another thing is that you really have to be diligent about cleaning this bag regularly especially if something gets spilled because or else it will start to smell like sour milk.

A nice option for keeping bottles cool

I really like that this is so well insulated and can keep my breast milk cool for several hours. It makes the hassle of trying to find a comfortable place to breastfeed in public a lot less because I can just bring pumped milk along instead. I find that I don’t mind the slight discoloration as much and I will still carry this with the diaper bag despite it. I highly recommend checking it out especially if you are a pumping mama! It makes it all less stressful!

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