Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker

The tiny steps 2-in-1 activity walker converts from a seated walker to a walk behind walker as baby grows. The play tray provides toys for developmental activities and endless enjoyment from infancy through toddler-hood. Toys include upright flower mirror with crinkle petals and textured stem, spinning balls for batting play and bead bar for motor skill development. Independent front wheels can be set to swivel or locked. Plush seat provides high back for comfort and support. Seat is height adjustable to grow with your baby. Walker folds flat for storage and travel. Machine washable easy clean seat pad. JPMA certified.

I wanted something to help with my son’s leg strength and help him transition into walking. This 2-in-1 activity walker seemed like the perfect option because it will get him all the way from no leg strength to almost fully able to walk unassisted. This 2-in-1 activity walker glides really easily even over carpet and I like the fact that there are toys on the front so that the baby doesn’t get bored. It feels really secure as well.

The insert for a baby just learning to walk is very soft and it is not so stiff that it feels uncomfortable or pinches on the baby’s leg. The new walker’s attachment is easy to take off the main part. Then your child will walk around with just the main part as a little bit of support. It moves at the perfect speed so it’s not going so fast that it is going to slip out from underneath the child and make him fall but it is also not too hard to push.

The toys are very easy to take off of the tray and if I’m not watching carefully enough my son will pull them off and throw them somewhere and it will be difficult for me to find them again. I don’t much mind this because he seems to have fun pulling them off and I find them eventually anyways. The seat is also not adjustable which becomes a problem if your child has shorter or longer legs than average. I don’t mind because my son’s legs seem to be about average length but I know other people who have this walker and have complained about this.

I definitely think that this 2-in-1 activity walker is a great learning walker for the price. I’m not saying that you aren’t going to find a quality learning walker if you want to spend some more money but the quality of this is surprising for the price you pay. I bought my sister one of these for her baby shower and, now that her daughter has grown into it, they love it too. I highly recommend this walker to help build up strength and help your baby learn to walk.

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