Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

A perfect bed pillow for expecting moms, the Snoogle Original total body pillow provides comfort and support when and where it’s needed. The interior forms to your body, allowing you to rest in many different positions. While it supports the back and tummy during pregnancy, it also works as a wonderful breastfeeding companion, elevating the body to the ideal nursing position. The cover is removable and machine washable. 100% polyester fiberfill. Made in USA.

I purchased this pillow when I was around four months pregnant. It had become nearly impossible for me to get any sleep and I needed something to relieve my aching hips and back. I was hesitant to spend the money on something I would only use for a few more months but I figured that a good night’s sleep was priceless especially seeing as they are numbered and after I had the baby I would not have the option to sleep as much as I would like.

The first night I tried it out was the first night in a while that I had a restful night. My back, head, and neck were supported and I could also put it between my knees to relieve the pressure on my hips. I had tried previously to adjust pillows in a way that would support me the same way but I found that they always shifted and I ended up waking up in pain the next morning.

The pillowcase is not the most comfortable material and seemed a little scratchy when I first bought it. I washed it a couple times and used fabric softener and I didn’t have a problem after that but you might want to wash it before you sleep with it because it might cause you discomfort or irritate your skin. It’s also difficult to get the pillowcase off and back on to the pillow due to its odd shape. This is easily forgivable in my opinion.

Looking back on my pregnancy I am very glad that I bought this pillow. It definitely helped to relieve pain and achiness which made it easier to sleep. In pregnancy, sleep is crucial to a growing baby and to the mother as exhaustion can lead to depression and many other unfortunate side effects. I would definitely recommend this to any expectant mother as it is definitely worth the price.

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  1. I am a stomach sleeper and bought this pillow when I found out I was pregnant to keep me on my side. This pillow is so comfortable! It formed to my body very quickly so I was able to quickly get comfortable every night. It was great for post partum sleep as well. I had my son 6 months ago and still use it on nights that I have a hard time falling asleep. My husband even threatened to steal it for himself. A must for expecting moms.

  2. I have this pillow. And I really love it. It makes sleeping so much more comfortable and easy. I would recommend it to all expecting mothers

  3. I was very skeptical at buying this pillow (it just seemed like a waste of money), but I’m very happy that I did. It makes long, restless nights 100% easier. I didn’t think that a pillow could make so much of a difference. I love how it shapes to your body, isn’t as bulky as I thought it would have been, and I love that you can remove the cover and wash it; very important in your first trimester sickness. I would recommend this pillow to any expecting mom and even put it on my mommy must haves list.

  4. I received Snoogle as a gift from my inlaws and when I use it through my pregnancy it helped me with me back pain and it is very comfortable. I could not sleep without this pillow! Though it does takes up space that really didn’t matter as long as I was relaxed with this pillow. This is definitely a must haves for expecting mothers.

  5. Unfortunately I did not purchse this pillow until the end of my pregnancy, which was a huge regret! This body pillow gives the support you need while pregnant with the added comfort. The removable pillow case makes it easy to clean which is a must!

    I found myself using the pillow even after my baby was born. It was ideal after my c-section during the recovery time. It also gave great support for nursing and supporting your back and baby while doing so. While this pillow may be slightly on the bigger side, it definitely can be put to great use! So worth the money.

  6. I bought this pillow when I was about 4 months pregnant and I couldn’t sleep without it since! I am a stomach sleeper so it stopped me from rolling over but it also helped with my back pain along with leg cramps in the middle of the night because it allowed me to prop my legs up off of each other. Later in the pregnancy it easily supported the weight of my belly while I laid on my side helping with my back pain. Now my baby is two months old and I still use this pillow for lazy mornings when I bring him into bed to feed him or just support him while I hold him. It is also great for supporting him while he lays down or while on tummy time.

  7. I absolutely adore this pillow, it’s that and a whole lot more! Was given one about halfway through my second pregnancy, and I can’t believe I truly didn’t know these existed. Here I am four months after having my son and I still use it, when I travel so does it. It’s a pillow for your head and body, it’s a pillow to help support breastfeeding. I use it to prop up my son to play with him, and for his tummy time. My husband constantly is trying to steal it from me for himself to use! The pillow absolutely hugs my body in an amazingly comfortable way. You definitely need to wash the cover, and USE fabric softener because it is almost rough, felt irritating to my skin at first. The cover takes myself and my husband to put on. Those two things are the only issues I experienced, and they are hardly even that. LOVE LOVE this pillow, I need another one!

  8. Love this pillow. Yes, it is big and takes up space in your bed but so worth it.

    I bought this pillow when I was around 8 weeks when I started getting back pain and couldn’t sleep on my back. I loved it from the beginning. It supported my back when I was sleeping sideways.

    When my tummy was getting big it really helped me. Again it supported my back. At nights when I couldn’t sleep lying down, I used to roll it up and put it against my bed headboard and lean on it. That really saved me.

    After giving birth and couldn’t sit on the floor, I used it as a donut pillow.
    Also, I use it for my baby. He fits right in the curve. It is perfect when you have to put your baby down for few minutes on the bed or floor.

    Love this pillow!

  9. Best pillow ever. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with second baby and I would not sleep if I did not have this pillow. It gives me the necessary support for my back and between my knees. I love it. Recommend all pregnant women to buy one and use it from the start of pregnancy.

  10. This is the best pillow! Not only did I love using it while I was pregnant, but so did my husband!! I now have it stored away to use in the future. I bought it early on in my pregnancy and used it every night… I even took it in trips. I normally sleep on my stomach and when I started sleeping on my side before I bought the pillow my shoulders would hurt and my knees would too. After purchasing the snoogle my aches and pains went away. Super comfy, the only times I woke up at night were to go to the bathroom and occasionally to switch sides. I used the pillow different ways too, sometimes I would snuggle it and other times I would have it snuggling me 🙂 I would definitely recommend it and purchase again!

  11. These items are very useful with having a newborn baby.they all are amazing and beautiful.i am very interested in ordering for my baby girl soon to arrives

  12. HaD heard about these but wasn’t sure if it was worth it. I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant and it’s such a life saver! Took a little to get use to it, but it’s the only way I can sleep and helps with my heartburn and acid reflux!

  13. This pillow was an absolute life saver. This was my first pregnancy purchase and I used it every night until baby was born. Pre-pregnancy, I was a back sleeper. The doc said that side-lying was best, but that I could also lay on my back as long as I was propped up on one side. This pillow definitely helped with both of those sleep positions. It also kept me from rolling over onto my stomach. I loved that the bottom of the pillow could be put between your legs to increase comfort. A definite must have to keep you comfy when you’re feeling big and not so comfy.

  14. When I got pregnant I heard very quickly about the absolute need to buy a Snoogle. Bring that it is a rather expensive pillow, I waited until it went onsale at Babies R Us before picking it up. I was into my second trimester when I did, and I was so excited to try it out.
    I’m a back and stomach sleeper and was hoping that this pillow would keep me on my side. To my disappointment this pillow was not for me. Though it did keep me from rolling on my back or stomach, I found it super uncomfortable under my head. I sleep with two pillows and even it was too high (and narrow). Waking up to change sides (cause as you expectant moms know, the hips start to hurt after a while) was such a pain, having to adjust the pillow with it being under the blankets and trying not to wake my sleeping husband beside me while I do. I was in more pain when I woke the 4 mornings after I tried to use it then when I slept without it.
    My last complaint is that it’s just too big. We have a queen size bed and between it and my little 12 pound dog, there was very little room for either my husband or I to move. It would be better for those with king beds.
    I know I’m in the minority with not liking this product, though I don’t knock it because I know it has help numerous expectant moms to finally get a good nights sleep, it just didn’t work for me.

  15. I’m 24 weeks pregnant and was having horrible back pain where I can hardly sleep. Well my friend gave me this pillow and told me to go to sleep and call her in the morning. I slept so good that night because it took the stress off my spine and gave me a lot of support. Now I can’t sleep without this pillow. I’ll be recommending this pillow to all pregnant women around me