Learn With The Babylian Baby Color Recognition Intelligence Toys Bricks

This product modelling is beautiful and it is rich in color and strong in practicability. It can teach baby to differentiate building block shape, color, and size as well as let the baby start work the building blocks of various shapes. It will also make the baby give full play to their imagination, with the building blocks of all sorts. Full colors and designs, the product color is bright and clear, and can develop to the sensitivity of the color for the baby. Each shape building blocks has a corresponding position on the box, let baby find the corresponding position. This product can cultivate baby’s hand-eye coordination.

A great educational color recognition toy

I wanted to find some toys that would help develop my son’s brain while still keeping him entertained and making learning fun. This really does combine all of those things. My son will sit on his playmat and play with this for quite a while and he has started getting very good at recognizing the shapes and colors and we have started working on the names for the shapes. The blocks also have little numbers ranging from one to ten which adds another learning benefit when the child gets a little bit older. It will help when starting to learn about numbers and counting as well as making it fun.

A great quality baby toy

I love the fact that this shape sorter comes with ten different blocks. The one that we had previously for our older daughter had four. With how often children lose these little toys it is really great to have some backups. I also love the fact that it is made of wood and not plastic because I feel like it looks better and has less toxins. I am extremely please with the way that it looks. The brightly colored paint grabs the baby’s attention and the cute little designs on the sides and the shapes add some cute detailing. Another really great little detail is the lid. My son loves putting the blocks into the sorter and then taking the lid off and putting it back on. With the other one I owned even I had trouble opening it to get the shapes out so this is a really great feature.

This Babylian color sorter is quite small

I received this and was quite surprised to see how small it was and I was definitely expecting something a lot larger. That being said, it still does it’s job properly and it is definitely not a manufacturing error just a misconception. It is just something to keep in mind when purchasing this. I mentioned previously the lid and how I was happy that it was easy to take off and on. There is a bad side to this as well and that is because it is not latched or attached in any way it slides around when my son is putting blocks into it which becomes quite frustrating for him. I hold it when we are having learning time or get him to put different shapes into different areas but I think if the manufacturer added a latch this product would be virtually flawless.

Overall a great intelligence toy

I am very happy with this toy and I can see that it has made a huge difference in my son’s knowledge of shapes and colors. It is extremely helpful and by making learning fun it takes a lot of stress off of my child’s shoulders. I am so excited to start learning about numbers with him and using these blocks to teach him to count. It is amazing to be able to watch him learn and explore and it is worth every penny I paid for this toy to see the joy on his face when he can remember a name for a shape or the name of the color. I highly recommend this toy to anyone with a toddler or even a young baby who would like to simply put the toys into the holes. It is really an absolutely amazing toy.

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