Learn With VTech Little Apps Tablet

Light up your child’s day with the Little Apps Tablet by VTech. Have photo fun, check the calendar or play a fun question game on one of 12 interactive learning activities that teach letters, numbers, words, counting and more. Tickle the ivories on the mini-keyboard and get creative playing on a tablet, just like mom and dad’s. The color-changing LED screen will brighten any child’s mood as they learn and play their day away.

My daughter loves these Little Apps

I have my own tablet and my toddler is always asking to play on it and she grabs it every chance she gets. I finally decided that it was time that I got her her own tablet because I was a little worried she was going to break mine. Luckily, she absolutely loves her tablet and plays with it every chance she gets. I love the fact that she is leaving mine alone and learning while being entertained for long periods of time. I think that this tablet is such an adorable idea! There are so many “apps” on this tablet that help the child learn all sorts of things and even play piano which is awesome! The screen can also light up to a ton of different colors which I think is my daughter’s favorite feature.

This tablet is a great learning opportunity!

As I mentioned above I feel like this is helping my daughter learn. I got this when she was a little bit over a year old and she has still not lost interest despite owning it for nearly a year. At two years old she is now able to press a letter and when they say the letter to her she repeats it back to them. Now if I point at a letter she can tell me what sound the letter makes which I attribute to the toy. She also says the words back to the tablet but she is not yet able to recognize them without hearing them which is pretty normal for a two year old. I think that the level of intelligence she is is really high for someone her age and I think that a lot of the learning has to do with owning and playing with this tablet.

A couple of ways that VTech could improve this toy

One thing I do think that this tablet needs is a bigger screen. Right now the screen is quite small and I feel like if it were a bit larger it might be easier for my little girl to navigate the controls a little bit easier. It hasn’t posed any specific problems as of yet but I would love to see the screen a little larger in the future. I also wish that there was some way to change the brightness on this. Again, I feel like it might be a little hard to see for my daughter’s eyes. On the other hand, I also feel like it might be easier on her eyes in the long run to not be constantly staring at a super bright screen so I guess it depends on the situation. The only time I would really want to change the brightness is when it is sunny or if she is using it in the car because the sun reflects off of it and makes it nearly impossible to see.

An awesome tablet for toddlers

I think that this toy is amazing and I am so glad that I got it for my little girl! A lot of times you buy these toys that are supposed to be educational and you see no difference in your child but with this one there is definitely a discernable difference in my child’s knowledge level. I am absolutely blown away and I would definitely repurchase this toy. I have only had to change the batteries one time in almost a year so I don’t see a problem with that at all. I think that this toy is a great investment and I highly recommend checking it out for your toddler!

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