Learn With VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

It is a delightful book that features four classic nursery rhymes. With every flip of the easy-to-turn pages, your child can sing along with their favorite nursery rhymes or they can look at the colorful illustrations. With a bright light-up button and music button, your little one will be engaged as they learn about animals through their favorite stories!

A great book for learning babies!

As my son gets older and I older I am trying to encourage books and learning toys to help and aid his development. I came across this one while browsing the kid’s toys and I just had to get it for him. It is extremely inexpensive so even if he ended up hating it I wouldn’t be at too much of a loss. Luckily he loves this toy and plays with it constantly! The book has four different pages with pictures on both sides that he loves to look at and there are tabs with buttons on them that make different sound effects when pressed. There are also a variety of different buttons and tabs that are great for my son to be able to press and learn that when he does they make a sound.

A lot of variety to discover!

I love how many songs they have in this book because it makes it so much easier for it to keep my son’s attention as opposed to his toys that play the same song on repeat which he gets bored of after three rounds. This song has over ten songs at least and probably a ton more! I am impressed with how well this book has held up to my active son! A lot of toys get broken really easily because he does tend to throw them or drop them and just be quite rough with them in general. This one is still in great condition despite being dropped on our menet driveway more than a couple of times. I also appreciate how easy it is to clean. All it requires is a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth and it’s ready to go!

A loud VTech toy!

One complaint that I have about this toy is that there are two volume settings. The quieter one is about perfect but the louder one is so obnoxiously loud that it actually hurts my ears. Any time my son has this toy he manages to turn it to the top volume and I always have to turn it back down. I wish that it was either more difficult to change the volume or that the quieter volume was the top volume. I also wish that there were longer songs on this toy. They only have a short clip of each song on this toy and a lot of times not all the lyrics. I don’t think that this is a huge problem considering the large assortment of songs but it would be nice to have a few that were a little bit longer.

Rhyme and Discovery book is a win!

I really like this toy and the fact that my son enjoys it so much and can occupy himself with it for such a decent amount of time. Of course he is going to get tired of it eventually like he does with all of his other toys but he always seems to come back to this one. I would definitely buy another one of these if I needed to because I feel like it has also helped him learn cause and effect as well. I highly recommend checking this book out if you are looking for a toy that is fun while improving brain development. It will not disappoint you!

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