Lock Away Wetness With Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers

You learned a lot from baby #1—especially not to pay more for diapers when you don’t have to. So now, you don’t trust something because it costs more, you trust what works. Luvs diapers protect baby from leaks at the low price you’re looking for—complete with a money-back guarantee. That’s because Luvs knows that between laundry, play dates, snack times, and nap times, you don’t have time for leaks. Luckily, Luvs has NightLock Plus to lock away wetness, even overnight. Luvs diapers also have large, refastenable stretch tabs and a wide fastening area to help make diaper changing time easier too. They’re also super soft with a Leakguard core, to help keep baby dry and comfortable. You value your time, and so do we. Get a better value in diapers when you Live, Learn, & Get Luvs.

A great diaper at a great price

I was trying to find new ways to cut down on costs when it came to diapers and someone recommended I try these. I didn’t have very high hopes for them because I had read some bad reviews online but I decided to give them a shot anyways because they are substantially cheaper than the brand I had been using before. I was pleasantly surprised with how soft and absorbent they are and they seem to fit snugly onto my baby’s body. The back and leg holes have the ruching that makes every little bit of moisture locked tightly away. I have also noticed that the moisture doesn’t get to the baby as much as it did with other diapers.

Leakguards work for even active babies!

Now that my baby has started crawling I have been able to test out the full maneuverability of these diapers. I was worried that it would not stand up to the stretching and pulling that comes along with a moving baby but it actually did really well. I still haven’t had any leakage in the sides or top which is actually a major breakthrough for diapers when it comes to my kiddo. Probably the greatest thing about these diapers though is the fact that they don’t irritate my baby’s sensitive skin like a lot of other cheap diapers do. That is one of the reasons I have not used store brand diapers so I am very happy with that fact.

Luvs has it’s flaws

One thing that makes me a little less than satisfied is the tabs that hold the diaper closed. They are short and are not quite as strong as the ones on Huggies or Pampers diapers. This makes them more easy to pop off or for little hands to pull off either on purpose or on accident. That is something that could be easy to fix in manufacturing and I hope to see them do so in the near future. Another thing that I am not a huge fan of is the fact that they do have a slight scent. I try to avoid scented diapers due to the previously mentioned sensitive skin issue but these ones don’t seem to cause problems. That being said I would still like to have known this before ordering so I thought I would mention it.

A great diaper for moms on a budget

Honestly, you can’t beat the quality for the price with this one. I am super impressed with how well this diaper performs and how well both my baby and myself like it. I definitely think that it is worth paying for and it has great potential to be even better if the few little problems they have are mended. I am so glad that I discovered these and I have bought more boxes of them then I could count on two hands. If you are a parent on a budget I definitely think that these are worth checking out because I think you’ll really love them.

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